Friday, December 9, 2011

Memphis Girls Basketball Fundamental Friday: Art of Shooting

Boston Celtic's Ray Allen is a dangerous shooter. If you watch him shoot, his body is squared to the basket, his release is quick and he follows through towards the goal -- every single time. Here are several videos that gives you an idea of his shooting technique and his workout routine.

In this video, Ray Allen talks about the mindset of a shooter and how parts of your body affects your shooting.

This video was actually shot when Ray Allen was still with Seattle Super Sonics team. Listen as he gives you nuggets on the techniques of shooting.

Watch Ray Allen drop off 16 three pointers in a row.

The following video was made back in 2008 when Gilbert Arenas was one of the premier scorers and players in the league and Ray Allen was the man in Seattle. As you listen and watch the video, you will learn about what it takes to be the best --Putting in work and extra effort when others are sleeping, partying and relaxing.

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