Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 Things to Do During Holiday Season to Get Recruited

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t be improving your recruiting prospects! Part of being an athlete, especially if you want to play in college, is always working towards your goals. Take time to be with your family and friends, but don’t neglect your passion for sports. The athlete working towards their goals during the holidays is going to get recruited over the one who slacks off!

1. Highlight Video
If you want coaches to recruit you, they have to know you can play. A lot of recruiting takes place online now and you can’t count on coaches coming to your games to meets to see you play. Make sure your video is not too long, features only your best plays (coaches are very limited on time!), includes any skills drills for your sport, and is formatted correctly. Click here to learn more about creating highlight videos and how NCSA can help.

2. Academics
Plenty of athletes are more focused on what’s happening on the field than in the classroom. That makes sense – your sport is your dream, and not every class you take is going to be a ton of fun. But, if you want to play in college, you need to be a student-athlete and that means being academically prepared. Prepare for your standardized tests by taking ACT Prep or SAT prep – the registration deadlines for next year’s test dates are coming up fast! And keep on top of any homework you’re assigned over break – your coach and your future will thank you.

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