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popoTV Episode 11: Tennessee Turkey Jamm Awards

For this special episode of popoTV I will announce the winners of the Inaugural Tennessee Turkey Jamm Awards. The categories are Comeback Kid Award, Best Defense Award, Best Acting Award, Most Outstanding Player Award and the Best Overall Performance Award. I will also give an update on former Bartlett standout, Jasmine James (Georgia).

HOLD UP.. Before I began to receive emails on where to pick up awards.

The Tennessee Turkey Jamm awards don't exactly exist. It's just my way of recognizing the performances during the event.

ESPN Hoopgurlz Tennessee Turkey Jamm Tip Sheet

If you were not able to check out the talent and high level of girls basketball during the Tennessee Turkey Jamm on this past weekend, you really missed out. Memphis really solidified itself as a hot bed for players and teams. Ridgeway went 2-0, Central and Overton both defeated nationally ranked teams, some players reminded the nation that they too should be ranked and players put themselves on the map.

But don't take my word for's what ESPN Hoopgurlz Mark Lewis had to say:

Jasmine Robinson: If you're looking for intensity, the Alabama signee, ranked No. 65 in the 2010 class by ESPN HoopGurlz, may just be what the doctor ordered. While most likely a point guard at the next level, the 5-foot-8 standout from Overton High School played the off guard spot impressively at both ends. To say that she brings "attack" to the court may be an understatement.

She's effective at putting the ball on the floor and getting to the rim but also has the touch to knock down the long jumper or the pull up. With the ball in her hands she is constantly measuring her defender and looking for the best way to create. At the other end of the floor she's a tenacious on ball defender who can stay in front of most ballhandlers. She has active hands and has lateral quickness that eliminates most opponents' penetration. The strength in her game may also be her weakness as well. Her intensity and emotion often carry over from play to play and at times becomes an obstacle during difficult stretches.

Breanna Williams: On a Lausanne team decimated by injuries, the 5-8 senior guard is carrying the load in the ballhandling department. Williams, headed to the University of Houston, is handling the point and has the ball in her hands a large majority of the time on each possession. She's smooth and athletic and can get to the rim against most defenders. That penetration forces defensive rotations and allows her to kick it out to teammate Hannah Summerfield who's virtually automatic from 3-point range.

If Lausanne can get some of their talented roster healthy, Williams will become much more effective with less of a workload. She'll have to refine her left hand and become more consistent with her own jumper to keep defenders honest at the next level but there's lots of potential in place.

Hasina Muhammad: Easily one of the more impressive performances over the two-day event was that of Ridgeway's 6-foot guard She continues to show the continual development and evolution of her game giving her legitimate claim to consideration among the 2011 class elite. With the ball in her hands she attacks the rim with smooth, fluid moves and navigates traffic with the best of them. The jumper is coming but still needs some fine tuning to make it a more consistent threat. What may well set her apart from others is the combination of her offensive game with a stifling defensive presence. Her size, reach and lateral speed make her a difficult defender to get around. Her anticipation and timing has her hands on both shots and passes time and again. Physically she's going to have to fill out and add some strength but then again her build seemed to work pretty well for former Auburn All-American DeWanna Bonner.

Cornelia Fondren: This Overton High School guard is one of those athletes who simply catches your eye and make you look. The 5-9 Fondren plays the point but may be more suited down the road for the guard spot. Her speed with the ball in her hands exceeds what most players can demonstrate without it. She pushes it in transition and often goes coast to coast before defenders can dig in and stop the ball. The left-hander plays aggressively at both ends of the floor and isn't afraid to mix it up when the game gets physical. There are a lot of skills in place but some refinement is necessary for her to be able to make the most her physical talents. The potential is there for her to play at any level she wants.

Aaliyah Whiteside: She is one of those rare players who have the ability to take over a game for a series of possessions. There were points on both nights that it seemed that she was dominating the game in stretches of two and three possessions at a time. The 5-10 guard flies up and down the court with and without the ball and forces defenders to know where she's at every moment of the game. In the halfcourt the left hander slashes to the rim for the lay up or pulls up with a very effective short game. The consistency of her perimeter shot will be critical in allowing her to continue to attack off the dribble. Defensively her long lean build makes her a problematic defender for opposing guards to face.

Nina Davis: Adding one of the state's most impressive freshmen may well be the key to Memphis Central taking one more step past last season's state championship loss. That may be asking a lot but Davis isn't your average ninth grader. The 5-9 guard has good size and athleticism and has also filled out and matured just since last year. She's confident and moves well with and without the ball. She can create her own looks off the dribble and isn't hesitant to get into the paint and finish in traffic. She has good vision on the floor and is more than willing to give it up when the pass needs to be made. The one thing that is missing is her perimeter shot. She may make a few here and there but her form is out of a different book and will need some work to find the consistency she'll need in the future. The level she can reach is up to her.

Ebony Hayes: Physically strong at 6-3, the Overton post has the size and strength to mix it up with anyone on the floor no matter what their age. On the block she was able to hit the short turnaround as well as attack the rim with an aggressive drop step. Some things are still a thought at this point rather than a reaction but that's only a matter of time. Being part of an aggressive and physical team like Overton is only going to help her become even better prepared for the college game down the road. The potential is limitless.

Odegua Oigbokie: Sometimes you just see a young player who catches your eye and know they're going to develop. Ridgeway's Oigbokie may not have lit up the board for 20 points or pulled down a dozen rebounds but you can see some real potential in her game. At 6-1 she's got a solid, thick build but plays a very active game. She demonstrated a few strong post moves and finished her open looks. There were even a couple of drives that got her to the rim with confidence. While she didn't shoot the perimeter, her form at the line looked sound. Keep watching.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Top area teams defeat ranked foes in Turkey Jamm

Overton senior Jasmine Robinson and Central youngsters Aaliyah Whiteside and Nina Davis lifted their teams to comeback victories over nationally-ranked squads in Saturday night's final games of the Tennessee Turkey Jamm at Central.

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Girls Basketball Scores - November 28, 2009

Click here for Commercial Appeal Box Scores

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tennessee Turkey Jamm Day 2 Results

Nashville Hillsboro 54 H W Byers 45
Ridgeway 55 Cleveland Lutheran East 40

Tennessee Turkey Jamm Day 1 Report

In Memphis, we followed up turkey day with the Inaugural Tennessee Turkey Jamm. And what a day it was. College Coaches in the stands including Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Middle Tennessee State, Alabama State, and Christian Brothers University. The nationally known girls basketball news source ESPN HoopGurlz representative Mark Lewis was all over the place snapping pictures and taking notes. Nationally ranked teams and players competing on the court and girls basketball fans soaking it all in.

Lausanne and H W Byers

The first game kicked offed with Tennessee's Division 2 State runner-up Lausanne Collegiate School against defending Mississippi 2A state champs, H. W. Byers. This was an extremely slow paced game with both teams playing zone. It seemed pretty evenly matched after a 16 point 1st quarter effort by both teams. Second quarter H.W. Byers pulled away behind big quarters from 6'0 junior Kourtney Coleman and 5'7 freshman Precious Rodgers. Kaitlyn Butler-Morris was the main offensive weapon for Lausanne with 7 points other than Hannah Summerfield's single 3 point field gold in the quarter.

Kourtney Coleman did not start the 3rd quarter because of a minor sickness, however 5'11 sophomore guard Alexis Hardaway picked up the slack hitting 10 points to help stretch the lead to 13. During a stretch in the fourth H.W. Byers got a little relaxed and Lausanne put on a press to try to cut the lead down. Senior guard Breanna Williams hit 12 points during the stretch but fouled out the game. This really hurt because the team was already limited with out Lauren Avant in the line up due to injury, 5'11 senior Erin Riley previously fouling out and Katelyn Butler-Morris out early in the 3rd with a shoulder injury. H.W. Byers won 61-48.

Box Score
H.W. Byers 61
Alexis Hardaway 20 points 5 rebounds 1 steal
Kourtney Coleman 14 points 9 rebounds
Kyra Gulledge 9 points 13 rebounds
Brionne Gulledge 3 points 2 rebounds

Lausanne 48
Breanna Williams 20 points 4 rebounds 1 block
Katelyn Butler-Morris 13 points 4 rebounds
Hannah Summerfield 12 points 1 steal

Second game featured Tennessee defending AAA state champion Nashville Hillsboro against Cleveland Lutheran East (OH). Hillsboro starts the game off at an disadvantage with ESPN Hoopgurlz #25 ranked player Lakeisha Crouch out with an injury. Cleveland Lutheran East took advantage jumping out 30-9 at half and winning 63-39.

Ridgeway and Campbell

Third game was Ridgeway against Campbell (GA). This game was fast paced and high intensity. Both teams put the full court press on each other. Advantage seemed to be Campbell's way behind junior guard Erica Norwood with 8 points include 2 threes. After 1st quarter, Campbell 15 - Ridgeway 9. 2nd quarter Ridgeway used a total team effort to take the lead into the half 30-26.

Campbell came roaring back in the second half and it was on from their. This fight went back and forth til the end. 6'0 junior guard/forward Hasina Muhammad saved the game from going into overtime by blocking Erica Norwood's three point attempt at the buzzer. Ridgeway survives 60-57.

Box Score
Ridgeway 60
Hasina Muhammad 18 points 5 blocks 4 rebounds
Adrian Sanders 16 points 10 rebounds
Chasity Hamilton 12 points 4 rebounds 1 steal
Catherine Montgomery 5 points 6 rebounds 1 block
Tequila Stanton 5 points 3 rebounds 1 steal
Odequa Oigbokie 2 points 7 rebounds 1 block

Campbell 57
Erica Norwood 19 points 1 rebound
Monica McClure 11 points 5 rebounds 2 steals
Brittany Hodges 10 points 2 blocks 1 steal
Chakecia Miller 8 points 4 steals 3 rebounds
Jalessea Phillips 6 points 3 rebounds 1 steal
Baylee Hawkins 3 points 1 rebound

Overton Time Out

Fourth game against number 6th ranked Potters House Christian Academy(FL) and Overton. Potters House features Hoopgurlz 2011 ninth ranked guard Loliya Brigs, #5 ranked point guard Brittany Roundtree and #25 ranked guard Shalethia Stringfield. Overton features 2010 #17 ranked guard Jasmine Robinson. So you could only imagine how great of a game this was.

Potters House displayed one of the stingiest half court defenses. During the first 4 minutes of the game Overton could only come up with 3 free throws. But they bounced back and ended the quarter only down by 4 with a score of 16-12. This was a game of intensity, fouls, deep three pointers and more. Overton held their own playing against the 6th ranked team going into half time up by 1 33-32. Potters House eventually got the lead back and with 2 minutes left in the game ran a motion stall offense and escaped an upset 58-52.

Box Score
Potters House 58
Brittany Roundtree 14 points 3 steals 2 rebounds
Antoinette Bannister 13 points 3 steals 1 rebound
Shalethia Stringfield 13 points 6 rebounds 3 steals
Loliya Briggs 6 points 1 rebound
Fuller 4 points 3 rebounds 2 steals
Mia Stone 4 points 1 rebound
Alexis Brown 2 points 4 steals 2 rebounds
Myah Jackson 2 points 1 rebound 1 steal

Overton 52
Jasmine Robinson 14 points 2 rebounds
Orlandria Williams 10 points 6 rebounds 2 steals
Cornelia Fondren 6 points 10 rebounds 2 blocks
Lakeria Crowder 6 points
Cortrice Golden 6 points 4 rebounds
Ebony Hayes 6 points 2 rebounds 1 block 1 steal
Karisma Tyson 2 points 2 steals 2 rebounds
Jackeya Mitchell 2 points 1 steal 1 rebound

Central-Riverdale Jump Ball

The last game was 9th ranked Central vs 19th ranked Riverdale Baptist (MD). Central graduated a lot of talent from last years team and it showed. Sophomore Aaliyah Whiteside and Danielle Ballard has big shoes to fill. This was pretty much all Riverdale winning 74-60.

Box Score
Riverdale Baptist 74
Ataira Franklin 19 points 1 rebound 1 steal 1 block
Jennie Simms 18 points 6 rebounds
Kelila Atkinson 12 points 6 rebounds 3 blocks 1 steal
Lauren Chase 7 points 2 rebounds 1 steal
Ulyssia Richmond 5 points 1 rebound
Teshya Heslip 5 points 1 rebound
Diana Logan 4 points 2 rebounds
Tyonna Williams 4 points 5 rebounds 2 steals
Jasmine Mungo 2 points 1 rebound

Central 60
Danielle Ballard 20 points 2 steals 2 rebounds 1 block
Finesse James 11 points
Nina Davis 9 points 6 rebounds 4 steals
Aaliyah Whiteside 8 points 3 steals
Darianna Butler 7 points 2 rebounds
Jalen O'Bannon 2 points 4 rebounds
Rheunna Gillespie 2 points 2 rebounds
Monia Sanders 1 point

Girls Basketball Scores - November 27, 2009

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H.W. Byers pulls away from Lausanne in Turkey Jamm

With Lauren Avant sidelined because of a shoulder injury she sustained in a car accident six months ago, Lausanne’s girls team played inspired basketball for at least the opening 19 minutes Saturday afternoon against H. W. Byers in the first Tennessee Turkey Jamm at Memphis Central High School.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Watch Central vs Potters House Live

Catch the broadcast of Central vs Potters House Live Saturday at 8:oopm (CST)during the Tennessee Turkey Jamm.

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Memphis Recent Letters of Intent Signings

from Commercial Appeal

Jasmine Gardner of Mitchell High School signed with Liberty University during the early signing period. The 6-3 center averaged 12 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks per game as a junior. Jasmine is also an Honor Student at Mitchell ranks 12th in her senior class with a 3.9 GPA.

Lausanne shooting guard Breana Williams signed with the University of Houston during November's early signing period. Williams averaged 11 points per game, six rebounds, three assists and four steals as a junior. She was a member of the 2007-2008 state championship team and 2008-2009 state runner-up team.

Lausanne point guard Lauren Avant signed with Tennessee during November's early signing period. A member of Lausanne's 1,000 point club, Avant is Lausanne's highest scoring female player of all time. She was a member of the 2007-2008 state championship team and 2008-2009 state runner-up team and is a two-time Miss Basketball for Division 2-A.

Central girls want another shot at state

It was a single moment that seemed to last a week, stuck in the craw for more than a month -- and will provide a season's worth of motivation for the Central Lady Warriors basketball team.

"There's a bigger lesson in all of that, one you don't necessarily understand at first," said Central coach Niki Bray, whose 35-2 squad lost its chance for the school's first state title since the 1920s when Jessica Pace hit a 15-foot, off-balance last-second prayer of a shot to give Nashville Hillsboro last year's AAA title. "All I know is that we did a lot of things wrong to lead up to that one shot, ... and we're still hungry for that gold ball."

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Martin Luther King Tournament Championship Results

Parkview 55 Millington 42

Tennessee Turkey Jamm Day 1 Results

H.W. Byers 61 Lausanne 48
Cleveland Lutheran East 63 Hillsboro 39
Campbell 57 Ridgeway 60
Potters House 58 Overton 52
Riverdale Baptist 74 Central 60

Erica Ousley, Jasmine Newsome recognized Nationally

Seniors Erica Ousley (Fairley) and Jasmine Newsome (Millington) were recognized on ESPN Hoopgurlz for having 40 and 42 point games.

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Martin Luther King Tournament Championship at Trezevant

5:30pm Millington vs Parkview

Girls Basketball Scores - November 26, 2009

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Girls Basketball Scores - November 25, 2009

MLK Scores

Parkview defeats Manassas 55-42
Millington defeats Hillcrest 61-25

Tennessee Turkey Jamm Schedule

Hosted at Central High School

(HoopGurlz High School Nation Ranking)
Friday, November 27th
12:00 pm Lausanne (TN) vs. H.W. Byers (Ms)
2:00 pm Cleveland Lutheran East (OH) vs. Hillsboro (TN)
4:00 pm Campbell (Ga) vs. Ridgeway (TN)
6:00 pm (6) The Potter's House Christian Academy (FL) vs. Overton (TN)
8:00 pm (19) Riverdale Baptist (Md) vs. (9) Memphis Central (TN)

Saturday, November 28th
12:00 pm H.W. Byers (Ms) vs Hillsboro (TN)
2:00 pm Cleveland Lutheran East (Oh) vs. Ridgeway (TN)
4:00 pm Lausanne (TN) vs. Campbell (Ga)
6:00 pm Overton (TN) vs. (19) Riverdale Baptist (Md)
8:00 pm (9) Memphis Central (TN) vs. (6) The Potter's House Christian Academy (FL)

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Martin Luther King Tournament Schedule for Thursday, November 26, 2009

Martin Luther King (MLK) Tournament Schedule for Thursday, November 26, 2009 at Trezevant High School

3:00pm White Station vs Parkview
4:30pm Millington vs Melrose

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Martin Luther King Tournament Schedule for Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MLK Tournament Schedule for Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at Trezevant High

1:00 Fairley vs White Station
2:30 Manassas vs Parkview
4:00 Hillcrest vs Millington

Penny Hardaway High School Basketball Classic Schedule

The Inaugural Penny Hardaway Basketball Classic will be held at the Elma Roane Fieldhouse on the University of Memphis campus.

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
6:30 pm Sheffield High School vs. Covington High School
8:30 pm Ridgeway High School vs. Lee High School (Huntsville)

Friday, December 4th, 2009
4:30 pm Craigmont Middle School vs. Ridgeway Middle School
6:00 pm Melrose (Girls) vs. Jackson Liberty Tech (Girls)
7:30 pm Melrose High School vs. Jackson Liberty Tech
9:00 pm White Station High School vs. Southwind High School

Saturday, December 5th, 2009
10:00 am City (Girls) vs. Douglas (Girls)
11:30 am City High School vs. Douglas High School
1:00 pm Mitchell (Girls) vs. Southwind (Girls)
2:30 pm Mitchell High School vs Craigmont High School
4:30 pm Riverdale (Girls) vs. Central (Girls)
6:00 pm Germantown (Girls) vs. Melrose (Girls)
7:30 pm Lee High School (Huntsville) vs Central High School
9:00 pm Wheeler High (Marietta, GA) vs. Germantown High School

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Girls Basketball Scores - November 24, 2009

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Women's College Basketball Top 25 Polls

Associated Press (AP) Release their Top 25 poll on November 23, 2009

Here is the Top 10

1 Connecticut Huskies
2 Stanford Cardinal
3 Ohio St. Buckeyes
4 North Carolina Tar Heels
5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
6 Tennessee Lady Vols
7 LSU Lady Tigers 4
8 Baylor Lady Bears
9 Xavier Musketeers
10 Duke Blue Devils

released their Top 25 on November 24, 2009.

Here is the Top 10

1. Connecticut
2. Stanford
3. Ohio State
4. North Carolina
5. Tennessee
6. Notre Dame
7. Texas A&M
8. Baylor
9. Florida State
10. Xavier

Click here for the Complete Associated Press and ESPN/USAToday Top 25 Polls

Martin Luther King Schedule for Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MLK Tournament Schedule Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1:00 Craigmont at White Station
6:00 Trezevant at Melrose
6:00 Wooddale at Millington

Girls Basketball Scores - November 23, 2009

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popoTV Episode 10

In this episode of popoTV, I discuss the MIAA Jamborees, Overton vs White Station matchup, Breanna Ridgell performance, former East Standout, Amy McNear (Western Kentucky), former Bartlett standout, Jasmine James (Georgia), Millington's Jasmine Newsome, Martin Luther King MLK tournament and Tennessee Turkey Jamm.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Overton-White Station Box Score

Box Score from Commercial Appeal

Overton (34) -- Karisma Tyson 4, Jasmine Stafford 2, Jasmine Robinson 16, Orlandria Robinson 7, Cornelia Fondren 3, Cortrice Golden 2.

White Station (43) -- Red Payne 3, Breanna Ridgell 16, Chetavia Rutherford 5, Bria Dillard 6, Tya Johnson 2, Amber Williams 5, Durnya Shields 3, Carnecia Williams 3.

Overton / 12 / 7 / 2 / 13 / -- / 34 /

White Station / 12 / 10 / 10 / 11 / -- / 43 /

Records -- Overton 0-1, White Station 1-0.

Memphis Girls Basketball Fundamental Friday: Success Principle

Girls Basketball Scores - November 19, 2009

Click here for Commercial Appeal Box Scores

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hamilton High School Jamboree Results

Here are the results of the Wooddale Jamboree. The Most Outstanding Player of each game is in parenthesis.

Oakhaven def Manassas (Renica McGee)
Raleigh-Egypt def North Side (Jade Caldwell)
Mitchell def Carver (Jasmine Cofield)
Melrose def BTW (Teneisha Lurry)
Fairley def Whitehave (Erica Ousley)
Hamilton def Douglas (Malynda Hull)

AP Poll Womens Colllege Basketball Top 25 Ranking - Week 1

Here is the Top 10 of the Associated Press ranking released on November 16.

1 Connecticut Huskies
2 Stanford Cardinal
3 Ohio St. Buckeyes
4 North Carolina Tar Heels
5 Notre Dame Fighting Irish
6 Tennessee Lady Vols
7 LSU Lady Tigers
8 Baylor Lady Bears
9 Xavier Musketeers
10 Texas Longhorns

Click here for the complete Top 25

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wooddale High Jamboree Results

Here are the results of the Wooddale Jamboree. The Most Outstanding Player of each game is in parenthesis.

Trezevant def Middle College (Lillie Pitman)
Sheffield def Kingsbury (Rudi Moore)
Frayser def MAHS (Precious Flowers)
East def MASE (Cleo Lee)
Cordova def Kirby (??)
Central def Overton (Nina Davis)
White Station def Ridgeway (Durriya Shields)
Craigmont def Wooddale (Katya Lloyd)

Danielle Ballard, Central girls ready for a Brand New Season to start

As the Central girls basketball team took part in pregame exercises prior to Wednesday night's scrimmage against Overton in the MIAA Jamboree, junior forward Darianne Butler gazed at the scoreboard and noticed that time was steadily drawing closer for the Lady Warriors to raise the curtain on the 2009-10 campaign.

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Girls Basketball Scores - November 17, 2009

Click here for Commercial Appeal Box Scores

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Memphis Girls Basketball Fan Club-- Coming Soon

2009 Martin Luther King Tournament Girls Schedule

updated Friday, November 20, 2009

Games move to Trezevant High School on Wednesday November 25.

Monday, November 23, 2009

1:00 Trezevant at Mitchell
1:00 Hillcrest at East
1:00 Kirby at Wooddale
1:00 Hamilton at Fairley
2:30 Raleigh Egypt at Craigmont
2:30 Whitehaven at Manassas
6:00 Carver at Melrose
6:00 Parkview at Sheffield

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1:00 Winner (Raleigh Egypt/Craigmont) at White Station
6:00 Winner (Mitchell/Trezevant) at Winner (Carver/Melrose)
6:00 Winner (Kirby/Wooddale) at Millington

Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at Trezevant High

Thursday, November 26, 2009 at Trezevant High

"Championship" Friday, November 27, 2009 at Trezevant High

Tennessee Turkey Jamm Schedule

Hosted at Central High School

(HoopGurlz High School Nation Ranking)
Friday, November 27th
12:00 pm Lausanne (TN) vs. H.W. Byers (Ms)
2:00 pm Cleveland Lutheran East (OH) vs. Hillsboro (TN)
4:00 pm Campbell (Ga) vs. Ridgeway (TN)
6:00 pm (6) The Potter's House Christian Academy (FL) vs. Overton (TN)
8:00 pm (19) Riverdale Baptist (Md) vs. (9 )Memphis Central (TN)

Saturday, November 28th
12:00 pm H.W. Byers (Ms) vs Hillsboro (TN)
2:00 pm Cleveland Lutheran East (Oh) vs. Ridgeway (TN)
4:00 pm Lausanne (TN) vs. Campbell (Ga)
6:00 pm Overton (TN) vs. (19) Riverdale Baptist (Md)
8:00 pm (9) Memphis Central (TN) vs. (6) The Potter's House Christian Academy (FL)

Visit for more information

USA TODAY/ESPN Womens College Basketball Top 25 released November 17, 2009

Here is the Top 10

1. Connecticut
2. Stanford
3. Ohio State
4. North Carolina
5. Tennessee
6. Notre Dame
7. Arizona State
8. Texas A&M
9. Baylor
10. Florida State

Click here for the complete Top 25

Wooddale-Hamilton MIAA Jamboree Schedules

Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Site: Wooddale High School
Time: 3:00 p.m. Until
Visitor Home
Middle College vs Trezevant
Kingsbury vs Sheffield
Frayser vs MAHS
East vs MASE
Kirby vs Cordova
Central vs Overton
Ridgeway vs White Station
Craigmont vs Wooddale

Date: Thursday, November 19, 2009
Site: Hamilton High School
Time: 3:00 p.m. Until
Visitor Home
Hillcrest vs Westwood
Oakhaven vs River City
Manassas vs City University
Ral-Egypt vs Northside
Mitchell vs VS Carver
Melrose vs BTW
Fairley vs Whitehaven
Douglass vs Hamilton

Monday, November 16, 2009

Memphis Freshman Debuts

image from

There is some Memphis Madness going on in Women's College Basketball.

Former Bartlett standout, Jasmine James, was selected as the SEC's Freshman of the Week on Monday, less than 24 hours after helping the No. 21-ranked Georgia Lady Bulldogs upset No. 13 Oklahoma in her collegiate debut. Jasmine scored 15 points, grabbed seven rebounds, dished out an assist and had no turnovers in 34 minutes of playing time.

Former Houston standout, Sarah Watkins, scored 20 points, all in the second half as the Arkansas Razorbacks captured the 87-78 win over the Alcorn State Lady Braves.

Former White Station standout, Kaitlin Murphy, is leading the Furman Lady Paladins in scoring with 11 per game in their first two games.

Dunking Sensations

images from

This is an Oct. 16, 2009, photo of Connecticut's junior Maya Moore dunking the ball at the First Night NCAA basketball exhibition, in Storrs, Conn.

In this photo, Baylor freshman Brittney Griner dunks in an NCAA college women's exhibition basketball game against Incarnate Word on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2009, in Houston, Texas.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ESPN Rise Preseason Fab 50 Ranking

from ESPN Rise website

1. St. Mary's (Stockton, Calif.) Last Season's Record: 31-3, CIF Division III state champion
Key Players: G Afure Jemerigbe (5-11, Sr.); G Chelsea Gray (5-10, Sr.); G Alle Moreno (5-4, Sr.)

Outlook: Gray (who will play at Duke) and Jemerigbe (Cal) form perhaps the best backcourt in all the land. The Rams don't have much size, but they never do. What St. Mary's uses to make up for the lack of a real post is all-out, all-over-the-court presssure and no-conscience long-range shooting. The Rams also play a tougher schedule than the other contender for No. 1, so for now, they're here.

2. Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.)
Last Season's Record: 32-1, CIF Division II Southern Regional finalist
Key Players: G Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis (6-0, Jr.); G Jordan Adams (6-1, Soph.); Alexyz Vaioletama (6-1, Jr.)

Outlook: The Monarchs lost just once last season, to sister SoCal power Brea Olinda, and despite losing two Division I players to graduation might be even better in '09-10. Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis committed to UConn, and Jordan Adams is one of the premier young guards in the country -- and they're just the tip of the talent iceberg.

3. Ben Davis (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Last Season's Record: 30-0, Class 4A state champion
Key Players: G Dorothy Williams (6-0, Sr.); G Bria Goss (5-10, Jr.)

Outlook: Losing Alex Bentley to Penn State is a big blow, and the Giants may struggle offensively in the early going. Sophomores Brionna Arnold and Shawnece Teague could join Williams and Goss as elite talents. Ben Davis was No. 1 in last year's final FAB 50.

4. St. Michael Academy (New York, N.Y.)
Last Season's Record: 25-3, N.Y. Federation AA state champion
Key Players: G Jennifer O'Neal (5-6, Sr.); Brittany Webb (6-3, Sr.); G Allysia Rohlehr (5-10, Jr.)

Outlook: The Eagles have moved ahead of Murry Bergtraum in the always-brutal New York pecking order, thanks to a horde of major-college-level players. Two concerns: St. Michael never quite seems to put all that talent together, and the Eagles don't travel much, making it hard to compare them to other top-10 teams.

5. MacArthur (Irving, Texas)
Last Season's Record: 35-4, Class 5A regional semifinalist
Key Players: G Odyssey Sims (5-8, Sr.); G Alexis Jones (5-9 Soph.)

Outlook: Some Texans might argue that Sims and Jones are every bit as good as St. Mary's Gray and Jemerigbe, but because the Cardinals don't get out of state, it's going to be pretty hard to tell. Of course, Texans might argue that Texas girls' basketball is so good there's nothing to prove by traveling.

6. Brea Olinda (Brea, Calif.)
Last Season's Record: 33-2, CIF Division II state champion
Key Players: G Kelsey Harris (5-9, Sr.); C Justine Hartman (6-3, Jr.); F Jeanier Olukemi (5-11, Soph.)

Outlook: Coach Jeff Sink's squad is loaded again, despite losing two Division I players to graduation. Look for junior Alexis Perry, who has been hampered by injuries throughout her career, to be a difference-maker.
Bria Goss

7. Dillard (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.)
Last Season's Record: 27-2, Class 5A regional semifinalist
Key Players: G Dawnn Maye (5-8, Sr.); G 5-10 Lauren McGraw (5-10, Jr.)

Outlook: The Panthers return four starters from a good team and add 6-2 junior transfer T'Keyah Williams to the mix. Coach Marcia Pinder has been at Dillard for 32 years and has won four state titles. It might be five come March.

8. Bolingbrook (Bolingbrook, Ill.)
Last Season's Record: 26-4, Class 4A state champion
Key Players: F Morgan Tuck (6-2, Soph.); G Ariel Massengale (5-6, Jr.)

Outlook: How healthy is Morgan Tuck? Bolingbrook's top player tore an ACL in May, but she's back on the court and expected to play in the Nike TOC. If she's anywhere near 100 percent, look out.

9. Regina (South Euclid, Ohio)
Last Season's Record: 27-0, Division III state champion
Key Players: G Tay'ler Mingo (5-7, Sr.); F Pa'sonna Hope (6-2, Sr.); C Therany Dunnigan (6-2, Jr.)

Outlook: The Royals lost three Division I players to graduation but coach Pat Diulus, in his 25th year, doesn't expect much of a dropoff. If the Royals stay healthy, state championship number 10 is well within reach.

10. Redan (Stone Mountain, Ga.)
Last Season's Record: 27-0, Class 5A state champion
Key Players: F Nia Evans (6-0, Sr.); G Kierra Paige (5-6, Jr.)

Outlook: The Raiders will put on more pressure this season, but they're going to need another shooter to join Paige to reach last year's heights. They'll be tested at the Crescent Bank Invitational in Myrtle Beach after Christmas, their only foray out of state.

Click here for FAb 50 Preseason 11-25

Click here for FAb 50 Preseason 26-50

Harding Academy Play Day

Harding Academy hosted a mini play day with Bolton, Hamilton and Ridgeway participating.

All I can say is WOW!! Is it already post season because the Bolton-Ridgeway matchup was that type of a game - intense and very physical.

Watch out 14AAA! Bolton will be coming after the number 1 spot. Last year's team rode the back of graduate, Sarah Watson. This team is more experienced and will be lead by combo guard, Amber Dunlap (Sr), sharp shooting, Andreana Odom (Sr), combo guard, Alexandria Winston (Jr) and slashing point guard, Ashley Winton (So).

Ridgeway is most known for their full court defensive pressure but tonight it was there offense that was impressive. There was a lot of player and ball movement which got them several wide open shots.

It came down to who was going to hold there composure to the full court defensive pressure at the end of the game. And unfortunately Bolton had a costly turnover and Ridgeway capitalized and won 51-47.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lauren Avant sticking with Tennessee Vols

Nearly three years have passed since the 5-foot-9 point guard from Lausanne Collegiate School called Tennessee women's basketball coach Pat Summitt on Thanksgiving and committed to the Lady Vols. Avant will follow through on that pledge during the fall signing period, which starts today.

Click here for the complete Commercial Appeal story

Other Early Signing Period News

The National Letters of Intent early signing period began today Nov. 11 and runs through Nov. 18. Here are the area players expected to sign National Letters of Intent during this time, according to the Commercial Appeal.

Lauren Avant, Lausanne (Tennessee)
Alex Black, Harding (Chattanooga)
Olivia Maddox, Millington (Arkansas State)
Shae Nelson, Cordova (Ole Miss)
Jasmine Newsome, Millington (Tennessee-Martin)
Desiree Phillips, Manassas (Missouri State)
Jasmine Robinson, Overton (Alabama)
Jasmine Trotter, Marion (Ole Miss)
Breanna Williams, Lausanne (Houston)

Granny's Girls Basketball Camp Registration Now Closed

Registration for the 2nd Annual Granny's Girls Basketball Camp is closed. All 77 slots are filled.

If you would like to help in the efforts of raising 100 individual 6-packs of Ensure to be donated to the American Cancer Society, email

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Central Pre-Season Number 10

updated November 11, 2009

Central starts the season off nationally ranked #10 by ESPN in their Top 25 ranking and #46 in ESPN Rise Preseason Fab 50.

Here's what they said about Central:

Although the Warriors graduated a few starters, super sophomores Aaliyah Whiteside and Danielle Ballard hope to lead their teammates to a fifth consecutive 20-plus win season, including a few on the national stage.

Here is the Top 10:

1. St. Mary's (Stockton, Calif.)
2. St. Michael Academy (New York)
3. Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.) Tip:
4. Bolingbrook (Bolingbrook, Ill.)
5. Shabazz (Newark, N.J.)
6. Potter's House Christian (Jacksonville, Fla.)
7. Cy-Fair (Cypress, Texas)
8. Brea Olinda (Brea, Calif.)
9. Mt. Lebanon (Pittsburgh)
10. Memphis Central (Memphis, Tenn.)

Click here for the complete Hoopgurlz Top 25 Pre-Season Ranking
Click here for the Rise FAb 50 26-50 Ranking

Other Ranking News

#6 Potter's House Christian, #10 Memphis Central and #19 Riverdale Baptist will be participating in the 1st Annual Tennessee Turkey Jamm basketball shootout at Central High School on November 27-28, 2009. featured in Commercial Appeal

Take it from me--you never know who is watching you.

That's a tip for girls basketball players--you never know who is watching you from the stands.

I never imagined that I would be contacted by a writer from the Commercial Appeal to do a story on my site, this But that's what happened and she wrote an outstanding story..

I have to give credit were it is due. In the beginning of the article, it states that I filmed the video of Hasina Muhammad attempting to dunk..Although the majority of videos on my site are created by me, Hasina's dad, James Muhammad, provided me with that video clip.

That leads to a tip for parents of girls basketball players--film your daughter's games.. It's a resource to provide to college coaches and recruiters..

Here is one of my quotes from the article:

"It's marketing. It's exposure. That's how people find out about players. That's why my site is so useful to college coaches and players," said Jeffery. "College coaches are giving out scholarships left and right ... but how can they give you a scholarship if they don't know that you exist?"

Click here to read the entire Commercial Appeal article

Run This Town- Memphis Girls Basketball Remix

I wanted to do something different to kick off the 09-10 season..

After listening to Jay Z's Run This Town song, it made me think what team will run Memphis this basketball season.

So being the always excited person I am, I came up with a short rap..But I didn't stop there....I stepped waaaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone and went to the studio and recorded it..And you know I had to film the experience..

Check it out.

Here are the Lyrics:

We are, Yes I said it, We Are Memphis Girls Basketball
Let’s play some basketball
Get your hoop gear on, All Hoop Everything
Hoop socks, Hoop shoes, All Hoop Everything

And our girls are hoop stars getting their national ranking
Come visit the site to see who is the latest
This is the Dirty South
Who will Run this Town
North Memphis, South Memphis, Westwood, Orange Mound

I got the top 4 down, not in any order
Overton, Ridgeway, White Station and The Warriors
I’m known as the Po Po, a girls basketball fanatic
If you see me @ a game, don’t be scared come get at me

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ebony Hayes Nationally Ranked

According to the All-Star Girls Report, Overton's 6'3 freshman, Ebony Hayes, is the 9th ranked player in the class of 2013. Here is the Top 10:

1. Diamond DeShields GA
2. Briteesha Solomon CA
3. Sydney Umeri GA
4. Gisele Bailey NC
5. Jasmine Richardson SC
6. Tanisha Brown SC
7. Kaele Davis GA
8. Makayla Epps KY
9. Ebony Hayes TN
10. Kendall Cooper CA

Click here to see the All-Star Reports Top 10 Rankings for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Classes

Memphis Girls Basketball Fundamental Friday: Lay Up Basics

This video will breakdown the fundamental footwork of a right-handed and left-handed lay up.

If you are interested in increasing your lay up skills through training, email

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ESPN/USATODAY Pre-Season Womens College Basketball Ranking

ESPN/USATODAY released their Pre-Season Top 25 ranking for Women's College Basketball 2009-10 Season. Here is the Top 10:

1. Connecticut
2. Stanford
3. Ohio State
4. Baylor
5. North Carolina
6. Duke
7. Notre Dame
8. Oklahoma
9. Tennessee
10. Michigan State

Click here for the entire Top 25

Monday, November 2, 2009

Differences between Ranking Systems: HoopGurlz, All Star Girls Report, Blue Star

Have you ever wondered what the differences were between HoopGurlz, All Star Girls Report and Blue Star Report rankings?

According to HoopGurlz,

All-Star Girls Report is primarily the product of omni-present Bret McCormick with the backing of Michael T. White, who operates events and sponsors teams, now under the sponsorship of Fila. Blue Star Basketball is owned by Mike Flynn and sponsored by Nike, with lead scout and organizer Chris Mennig overseeing some 20 former college coaches and the company operating events around the country.

Those two are scouting services that produce data far beyond just rankings and sell their reports to assist college programs in scouting and evaluating recruits. On the other hand, ESPN HoopGurlz is a media organization that compiles rankings to offer context for the players we write about. All three entities employ those with coaching experience, travel the country to view prospects for women's college basketball and take our work seriously.

HoopGurlz provided a consensus top 50 prospects in 2010 by averaging the rankings of All-Star Girls Report, Blue Star Basketball and ESPN HoopGurlz.

Click here for the Top 50 list

Here is Blue Star's 2010 top 50 rankings

Here is All-Star Girls' 2010 top 100 ranking

Here is HoopGurlz 2010 Top 100 ranking

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Millington Play Day Recap

Millington High School hosted their 2nd annual Play Day this past Saturday. Participants included Millington, Manassas, Germantown, Briarcrest, Covington, Hamilton, White Station, Munford, Ridgeway, Fairley, Hillcrest and Liberty Tech. Several college coaches were in attendance including UT-Martin, UT-Chattanooga, and Arkansas State.

Hillcrest will be a much improved team this season. Junior, Chasity Richardson, looks more comfortable out of the point guard position and in position to shoot the three more. She knocked down several today.

Manassas has a deep roster including transfer junior, Victoria White. Throughout the play day they used a five-in-five-out rotation.

Ridgeway will continue to bring the defensive pressure this season. With the presence of freshman post, Odegua Oigubukie, and junior, Hasina Muhammad, ability to play inside out, Senior Adrian Sanders had the opportunity to display her guards skills including her 3 point range.

White Station is much bigger this year with Seniors, Carnecia Williams and Bria Dillard in the line up together. Sophomore point guard Alicia Payne is a new addition to the starting rotation. Senior Chetavia Rutherford will play more of a shooting guard role.

Fairley will continue to be a feisty squad to deal with. They will be lead by shooting guard, Erica Ousley and point guard, Saraya Maxwell. The squad is also bigger inside with shot blocking freshman, Erica Watkins.

Munford is a solid team. Freshman Kelsey Briggs will be a major contributor in the post. Two years ago as a 7th grader, she was hovering around 5'8. Now she is just shy of 6 feet. Basketball is in her blood with her mom being a former University of Memphis Lady Tiger.

Germantown is a team that's going to take their time on offense. The player to keep an eye on is freshman Breanna Mitchell. She was a major player in middle school and it will be interesting to see how she adapts to the high school game.

Millington has seniors Jasmine Newsome as the leader and Olivia Maddox back from knee injury. It will be hard to replace all the talent and leadership from last year's team. However, they will be much bigger with over 5 players at least 5'9.

Other Play Day news

Trezevant traveled to Franklin, TN and participated in the Defending AAA State Champions Hillsboro High School's Pumpkin Patch Play Day. They finished the Play Day 4-2. It was a total team effort. Transfer juniors, Shervonte' Bright and Khadijah Muhammad lead in scoring and Lillie Pittman lead in blocks with 3 per game. Senior Danielle Turner made clutch 3 pointers. Senior Stacy Carmichael and junior Keisha Robinson were on their defensive games. Junior Franchesca Montague displayed her overall post game including passing and rebounding the ball.