Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hamilton High Jamboree Report

Melrose's LaWanda Clayborn, Forward

Hamilton's Jasmine Farmer, Guard, & LaJoyce Clark Center/Forward

Mitchell's, Demetrius Bradshaw, Forward & Ktina Jones, Guard

Jennifer Gross, Oakhaven, Guard

Fairley and BTW

Daria Hester, Booker T. Washington, Post

Westwood vs Treadwell : 29-35
Treadwell’s first points of the game were a 3 pointer and the dominating continued from there. Westwod came into the second half with a 3 pointer clinic of their own to cut down the lead, but it was not enough.

Booker T. Washington vs Oakhaven: 38-25
BTW put the full court pressure on Oakhaven at the start of the game. But Oakhaven responded to the defensive heat and keep it close. In the end, BTW was too much.

Douglass vs Hillcrest: 11-17
Very sloppy game, no one seemed to be able to score. Halftime score was 8 to 7. Same sloppy play during the second half. Hillcrest widen the gap to victory.

Northside vs Carver: 40-26
Pretty even during the 1st half. Northside blew it open in the second.

Melrose vs Mitchell: 38-11
Melrose came out with intensity and lead by 10 at halftime. Mitchell couldn’t handle the defensive heat.

BTW vs Fairley: 20-27
Booker T. Washington got a 2 for 1 opportunity tonight. Fairley was all over the place in their vibrant orange uniforms. It was a close game but Fairley took over in the second half.

Manasas vs Whitehaven: 22-14
Ugly game. A lot of turnovers and fouls.

Raleigh Egypt vs Hamilton: 11-28
The home team came out hyped up and full of energy. Hamilton’s Victoria White scored the 1st points of the game with a layup. LaJoyce Clark pulled down rebounds. Khadijah Muhammad took the ball to the rack. And Shervonte’ Bright stole balls left and right. It was all Hamilton.--Love Hamilton, Absolutely!!!


  1. I really do think that the lady wildcats of Hamilton High School is going to be a good team this year do to all of there 2011 girls and there senior lajoyce clark all comeing back to hamilton this year to play ball. As i watch them play last night at there own jamboree vs. Raleigh Egypt i could see how bad this good group of girls WANTED IT and i belive that they will make it very far in 16AAA this year if they just play as a team and play ball like everyone knows they can.....................SO GOOD LUCK TO THE LADY WILDCATS OF HAMILTON HIGH SCHOOL 08-09

  2. Im really happy 4 the lady wildcats of Hamilton High School on thier win today. That young groups of girls had fun and played good all at the same time. I just love how they came out ready for anything and everybody. Way to play ladys with the end score of Hamilton's 80 to City's 23. LOVE HAMILTON,ABSOLUTELY


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