Monday, November 3, 2008

Central and Ridgeway to Shelbyville

Central and Ridgeway girls basketball teams will be participating in Shelbyville Eaglette Play Day this weekend.

Eaglette Play Day - 2008

Saturday, November 8

8:00 Franklin Co. v. Ridgeway
9:00 Lebanon v. Marshall Co.
10:00 Shelbyville v. Hickman Co.
11:00 Cookeville v. Memphis Cntrl
12:00 Shelbyville v. Ravenwood
1:00 Cookeville v. Farragut
2:00 Shelbyville v. Morristown W.
3:00 Moore Co. v. Livingston
4:00 Farragut v. Marshall Co.

Harris Middle
8:00 Wartburg v. Lincoln Co.
9:00 Franklin Co. v. Ravenwood
10:00 Jackson Co. v. Lincoln Co.
11:00 Upperman v. Clarksville
12:00 Jackson Co. v. Chatt. A & S
1:00 Ridgeway v. Upperman
2:00 Cheatham Co. v. Marshall Co.
3:00 Upperman v. Memphis Cntrl
4:00 Coffee Co. vs. Red Boiling Sp.

Shelbyville Rec Center
9:00 Hunters Lane v. Memphis Cntrl
10:00 Ridgeway v. Livingston
11:00 Page v. Station Camp
12:00 Independence v. Dekalb Co.
1:00 Hunters Lane v. Warren Co.
2:00 Lincoln Co. vs. Hunters Lane
3:00 Jackson Co. vs. Warren Co.

Thomas Intermediate
8:00 Hampshire v. Moore Co.
9:00 Station Camp v. Morr. West
10:00 Knox. Catholic v. Hampshire
11:00 Cannon Co. v. Cheatham Co.
12:00 Lavergne v. Livingston
1:00 Page v. Hampshire
2:00 Wartburg v. Red Boiling Spr.
3:00 Clarksville v. Chatt. A & S

Cascade High School
8:00 Cascade v. Hickman Co.
9:00 Cheatham Co. v Dekalb Co.
10:00 Wartburg v. Chatt. A & S
11:00 Farragut v. Lebanon
12:00 Coffee Co. v. Hickman Co.
1:00 Memphis Cntrl v. Station Cmp
2:00 Cascade v. Independence
3:00 Cookeville v. Lavergne
4:00 Cascade v. Hunters Lane

Community High School
8:00 Community v. Knox. Catholic
9:00 Page v. Warren Co.
10:00 Community v. Independence
11:00 Moore Co. v. Morristown West
12:00 Red Boiling vs. Knox. Catholic
1:00 Cannon Co. vs. Clarksville
2:00 Coffee Co. v. Dekalb Co.

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