Thursday, February 5, 2015

#MGBB Mix - 2014-15 Cordova Middle School Squad

It is rare to see a middle school squad as stacked as Cordova. These young ladies can flat out play. The talent runs from the starters down to the bench and from the 8th graders to the 6th graders. I went through 3 games of footage to highlight the team plus 4 players that stood out the most to me..

You have "The Glove", Sammiyah Hoskin (2019), because she gets her hands on everything. Then there is Miss Long, Tall, and Athletic, 6'3ish, Lanetta Williams (2019). She gets it done on both ends of the court.  Sequioa Almond (2021) is Speedy Gonzales.  She is fast. I simply call the last young lady highlighted, "The Truth". After watching the footage, I had to reach out to Coach Rodney Newsome and tell him my opinion of Destinee Wells (2020). She is something special. She can hoop.

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