Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 All District Teams

First team: Corlisha Howard (Oakhaven); Derinisha Taylor (Mitchell); Moriah Muhammad (Soulsville); Octavia Moore (Carver); Shemitra Murray (Memphis Business Academy)

Second team: Amber Mitchell (Northside); Asia Mosby (BTW); Carnessia Griggs (BTW); Dominique Chatman (Mitchell); LaDawna Jones (Oakhaven); Richara Cooper (Hillcrest)

Honorable mention: Allegra Howard (Middle College); Brandy Davis (BTW); Demiya Grandberry (Mitchell); Destinee Walls (Middle College); Laneisha Edwards (GRAD Academy); Simphony Gillard (Memphis Business Academy); Sky-Lynne Bright (BTW); Surina Finnie (Power Center Academy)

Player of the year: Corlisha Howard (Oakhaven)

Coach of the year: Derek Hunter (Mitchell)

First team: Charity Savage (Bartlett); Tori Sewell (Arlington); Heaven Thompson (Bolton); Candiz Echols (Kingsbury); Mirrakohl Johnson (Arlington); Michaela Campbell (Cordova)

Second team: Raegyn Branch (Arlington); Taylor Lattimore (Cordova); Glenda Garner (Millington); Jessica Jackson (Bartlett)

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