Monday, January 14, 2013

Womens College Basketball Daily News - January 14, 2013


Cal snaps Stanford's 81-game conference winning streak

Memphis Represent

East's Adrienne Pratcher leads Texas A&M in assists. Last Sunday, they got a road win against Houston's Sarah Watkins and Arkansas. Kentucky defeated them by 3 during the week. On yesterday, Texa A&M cruised by Ridgeway's Hasina Muhammad and Auburn.

 SEC has not been very nice to Houston's Sarah Watkins and Arkansas . They are currently 1-3 in conference play. They defeated Central's Danielle Ballard and LSU during the week and lost to Vanderbilt on yesterday.

 Overton's Jasmine Robinson and Alabama are also struggling in the SEC with a 1-3 conference record. During the week, they have lost to Kentucky and Bartlett's Jasmine James and Georgia. They did get by Ole Miss on yesterday.

Speaking of Georgia, they got by South Carolina by 2 on Sunday.

White Station's Carnecia Williams has started 12 of 17 games for Mississippi State and third in scoring with over 8 points per game. Mississippi State have yet to win a game in conference play. Carnecia did score 11 in game against Vanderbilt.

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