Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Prepare for Recruitment

Having a proactive mindset and asking these types of questions is a great start.

Never Too Early

First thing: it’s never too early to start the process – the earlier the better. Visits to colleges will not generally begin until your junior year, but if you are committed to playing in college, you should start preparing as soon as possible. Many college athletes began in 7th or 8th grade. Some players don’t begin until their Junior year or later, but by then their peers who started early already have a big advantage.

Any safety in football knows to tackle a ball carrier after he makes a catch, but the very best are reading quarterbacks’ eyes, anticipating the throw, and jumping on the route. The recruiting process is no different. The more you can anticipate what’s coming and be proactive, the more successful you will be. While a smart play by a defender on the football field can mean a pick-six and a win, a smart play in the recruiting game can bring you an education and a whole different future. With that much on the line, why wait until the last minute?

Learn the Rules

The first step to getting a leg up in the recruiting game is learning the rules of college sports recruiting and getting a sense for the best ways to prepare yourself.

Learn about the camps, clubs, and combines that are available for athletes in your sport, and attend as many as you can. These are great places to build both your skills and your relationships in your athletic community – what they are not so good for is getting discovered. While college coaches do sometimes attend camps and combines, even a standout player will be a needle in a haystack of dozens or hundreds of other athletes who are also playing at a high level. Smart players will reach out to prospective schools; although coaches can’t contact you until later in your high school career, you can contact them at any time. Writing letters to coaches ahead of events can be a great way to get some exposure.

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