Monday, October 24, 2011

8th Annual Braggin Rights Classic 2011 Schedule

Location: McGhee Courts 4 Sports
854 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45040

December 28, 2011

10:00am Thurgood Marshall vs. Beaumont
11:45am Meadowdale vs. Norton
1:30 pm Landmark Christian vs. Glenville
3:15pm Walnut Hills vs. Vasj
5:00pm Bellbrook vs. White Station (TN)
6:45pm Southwest DeKalb (GA) vs. Elyria catholic
8:30pm The Rock School (FL) vs. Nyc Charter (NY)

10:15am Thomas Worthington vs. Dunbar
12:00pm Clyde c Miller (MO) vs. H.D. Woodson (DC)
1:45pm Winton woods vs. Faith Baptist (Fl)
3:30pm DuPont Manual (KY) vs. Nazareth Regional (NY)
5:15pm Stone Mountain (GA) vs. Kenton Ridge
7:00pm Chaminade –Julienne vs. Digital Harbor (MD)
8:45pm Potters house (FL) vs. St Mary’s Ontario (CANADA)

December 29, 2011

9:00am Butlersville vs. Norton
10:45am Beaumont vs. Thomas Worthington
12:30pm Carroll vs. The Rock School (FL)
2:15pm Stone Mountain (GA) vs. Newark
4:00pm Mt. Notre dame vs. NYC Charter (NY)
5:45pm Potters house (FL) vs. Chaminade –Julienne
7:30pm DuPont Manual (KY) vs. Clyde c Miller (MO)
9:15pm St. Anthony (NY) vs. HD Woodson (DC)

9:15am Reading vs. Glenville
11:00am Elyria catholic vs. White station (TN)
12:45pm Vasj vs. Thurgood Marshall
2:30 pm Bolingbrook (IL) vs. St. Mary’s Ontario (CANADA)
4:15pm Sycamore vs. Faith Baptist (FL)
6:00pm Nazareth Regional (NY) vs. Digital Harbor (MD)
7:45pm S.W. DeKalb (GA) vs. Winton Woods

December 30, 2011

10:30am Reading vs. Dunbar
12:15pm St. Anthony (Nyc) vs. White station (TN)
2:00pm Nyc charter (NY) vs. St Mary’s Ontario (CANADA)
3:45pm Chaminade –Julienne vs. Nazareth Regional (NY)
5:30pm Whithrow vs. Stone Mountain (GA)
7:15pm Newark vs. S.W. DeKalb (GA)
9:00pm Clyde c Miller (MO) vs. Walnut hills

10:15am Butlersville vs. Vasj
12:00pm Badin vs. Digital harbor (MD)
1:45pm Faith Baptist (FL) vs. Kenton ridge
3:30pm Lake Ridge Academy vs. DuPont Manual (KY)
5:15pm Hathaway Brown vs. Rock School (FL)
7:00 pm HD Woodson (DC) vs. Mt. Notre Dame
8:45 pm Bellbrook vs. Potters house (FL)

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