Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Exposure League Week 3 Recap

The Inaugural Fall Exposure League finished on a high note. We had our most exciting game of the league with a come from behind overtime thriller. Congratulations to all players that used the league as an opportunity to gain additional exposure and prepare for the Fall NCAA Evaluation weekend and upcoming fall basketball season.

Bianca Cage for 3
Break Out Bianca
The performances displayed during game 1 between Gonzaga and Baylor were intense and exciting. I enjoyed watching the 1-2 punch from both teams. Point guard Shunice Herron (Bolivar) and shooting guard Victoria Lewis (MHEA) put in work trying to keep their team undefeated for the league. But it was the 1-2 punch from shooting guard Bianca Cage (Southwind) and point guard Amber Holmes (Southwind) that pulled their team to an overtime victory. Gonzaga was down 23-11 at the half. Third quarter Bianca Cage caught fire going 6 for 8 from behind the 3 point line scoring 23 total for the quarter. Southwind should be very entertaining to watch this season.

Not in My House
Senior post Jalyn Burkett (White Station) made it known throughout the league not to come into the paint because she is going to block your shot. This week she showed her offensive side making strong face up moves getting by defenders off the dribble for layups.

Attitude is Everything
As high school athletes you are not only being evaluated by your performance on the court, but also by how you carry yourself off the court. Guard Phelicia Atkins (Overton) is such a joy to watch. She is extremely passionate about this game. If she is not currently playing a game and there is a half time break, you will see her on the court shooting the basketball. During the game, if she is not knocking down threes and distributing the ball, she is enjoying the game and expressing herself verbally.

Phelicia Atkins up the court with the ball

I noticed sophomore forward Alise Parker (Houston) before she touched the court. If she is not joking around, she is laughing very loudly across the court. On the court she is just as vibrant. She did not put up big numbers in the league until week 3 with 10 points but at over 6'1 tall, long and athletic, her presence is still felt.

Alise Parker in the air

Each week Victoria 'Torri' Lewis walked through the door with not 1 basketball but two basketballs using any opportunity to put up extra shots. She was not the only player that came with her own basketball. The twins, Elise and Brynn Holden, had their own basketball. Speaking of the twins.......

Brynn & Elise Holden

Seeing Double
 I had a few people ask me if they were seeing double. I even had to constantly ask "Which one are you?" When you have two sets of twins participating in an event, it really does help to have numbers on the back of the jerseys. Both set of twins are freshman. Elise and Brynn Holden will be suiting up at Briarcrest Christian and Breanna and Brittany Cowans are at Germantown High. Each set of twins can put up numbers also. They will be on my watch list to check out this basketball season.
Brittany & Breanna Cowans
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