Thursday, August 5, 2010

NCAA academic ratings to be attached to college coaches

Starting Thursday, college athletics' governing body will attach academic ratings to coaches in basketball (including womens basketball), football and four other Division I sports, launching an online database accessible to recruits, their parents, prospective employers and others who might value the information.

Kevin Lennon, an NCAA vice president who administrates the program, calls it "a significant milestone" in the association's academic reform effort.

The NCAA has compiled Academic Progress Rates (APRs) for individual teams for the past six years. Affixing those numbers to coaches, Lennon and other officials say, throws a spotlight on them and the vital role they play in their athletes' academic success, having recruited prospects to a school and then worked most closely with them.

Many coaches have voiced reservations about the plan, arguing that they're being singled out when, in fact, faculty, tutors and others on campus also should be held accountable.

"As much as you'd like to attribute it all to a coach because that makes it simpler and easier for everybody to digest," Arizona State basketball coach Herb Sendek says, "the truth of the matter is there are many variables beyond the coach's control and there are many individuals responsible for the outcome in addition to the coach."

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