Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Danielle Ballard makes ESPN Hoopgurlz Best of Summer

After the Summer season is over, ESPN Hoopgurlz takes time to highlight certain categories of players for example best handles, best defenders, etc.

Danielle Ballard didn't exactly make the list because of her basketball performance but for what she is --A Lefty.

Here is the list of Lisa Bonies's Lefties and her explanation.

Danielle Ballard, Memphis Elite (2012)
Asia Boyd, Team Detroit (2011)
Crystal Bradford, Michigan Top 10 (2011)
Kaelyn Causewell, GA Metros (2012)
Ahjalee Harvey, West Coast Premier (2011)
Diana Logan, Fairfax Stars 15 (2012)
Zaire O'Neal, NYC Gauchos (2014)
Amber Orrange, DFW (2011)
Taya Reimer, Indiana's Finest (2013)
Jada Terry, DFW (2013)
Briana Turner, DFW 15 (2014)
Danielle Webster, BWSL 15 (2013)
Jatarie White, BWSL (2014)

We are only 13 percent of the population, but when a left-handed player is on the court you have to take notice. Left-handed people are right-brained dominant, meaning we think differently and are generally more creative, on and off the court. Lefties are frustrating to guard because defensive and offensive sets are right-side dominant. And southpaws can give righties defensive problems because our dominant hand is facing their dominant hand. Being left-handed may not make you a better player, but each of these player's games exemplifies what makes lefties special and fun to watch.

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