Friday, August 20, 2010

Memphis Girls Basketball Fundamental Friday: Conditioning Drills

Here are some drills for the coaches looking for variety during Pre-Season conditioning. Alan Stein, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for DeMatha Catholic High School boys basketball program, offers a competitive way to condition your players.

Alan Stein's notes about the drills in the video:

The first 3 drills were done at 50-60% of maximum effort as part of our warm-up. Everything after that was 100% and competitive! Races included: triangle agility with full court sprint, sprint vs. backpedal, center circle chase, inside-out full court gauntlet, and 3 cone lane drill.

The entire workout only lasted 30 minutes. When it comes to competing, we want to stress quality over quantity.

Alan Stein: 130 "Pro Power" Strength, Power and Explosiveness Drills (DVD)Alan Stein: Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning - The Foundation of a Championship Team (DVD)


  1. Hi Patosha,
    Great video - I thought the conditioning workout had a great balance of basketball-specific movements with traditional agility and speed exercises.

    I am new to coaching girls basketball and wondering - do you pay any extra attention to exercises to strengthen the ligaments and muscles around the knee (since it seems girls are more prone to ACL injuries).

    Your thoughts?

  2. The majority of young ladies I work with are in middle school so strength training is not a priority right now. The focus is primarily on basketball fundamentals.


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