Monday, December 23, 2013

Kiara Golden Guard 2014 Class Double Play Highlights

Center Hill senior guard, Kiara Golden, is the first player to have before and after highlights on Memphis Girls Basketball. If you have been watching her play over the years, you will know why. She has definitely grown.   

Kiara is a lefty. In her first highlight video (as an 8th grader), I noticed how much she went left. However, I didn't notice how much she went to her strong side until after watching the second highlight  (as a senior). In her second video, she's constantly going right.

It is an unfortunate trend to watch highly talented players enter high school only to regress over the years. Kiara is not an example of that. She has grown in so many ways. 

I've already mentioned her abilities to go left and right. She is also a scorer and a distributor. She has awesome vision in the half court set and in transition. She is an unbelievable team player. Kiara can easily average 30-40 points a game. However, she would rather get her teammates involved. While she's not in the game, it's not uncommon to see her standing up cheering her team on.

 Senior Highlight (#3 White)

8th Grade Highlight (#3 White)


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