Monday, December 9, 2013

2013 Pre-Season Show Off Camp Recap

Capping off the events of the Memphis Girls Basketball Fall Fest was the 5th Annual Pre-Season Show Off Camp. This event gave players who were not able to participate in the Fall Exposure League an opportunity to showcase their skills to me and the college coaches in attendance. Henderson State, Martin Methodist, Mid-South Community College and Southern Illinois stopped by to watch over 50 players compete.

Below are some players that stood out:

Center Hill Senior Guard Kiara Golden has grown tremendously over her career. Not only is she a mature basketball player. She is a leader. She is an unselfish distributor. She can shoot the 3. She can get to the basket and score using her left and right hand. However, the most impressive thing I saw from her was while she was not even in the game. During one of her games, she did not play the last 5 minutes. But during that time, she was up on her feet encouraging and yelling out instructions to her teammates. That showed me the leader she has become.

Catholic Sophomore Guard LaVesha Jackson is such a competitor. She couldn't finish the event because she injured herself while attempting to block a player's shot. She is not extremely tall. However, she is athletic and can elevate to block shots. She is a husler. She not only hustles and run the wing on offense. She is just as fast getting back on defense to contest the shot.

Bolton SO Forward Charity Savage is one energetic, athletic player. She is so active on the floor. She is a shot blocker. She anticipates passes. She has a strong arm. When she gets the rebound, she is able to throw the ball down the court to the outlet.  When she doesn't get the offensive rebound, she is fast and determined enough to sprint up the court and block the outlets shot.

Earle 7th Grade Point Guard Ashraea Moore is the future. The first time I saw this young lady play. I knew she was not intimated by older players. After watching her during the Show Off Camp, I found out how smart she is with the ball. She is a quick on-the-ball defender. She can take contact. She has a knack for setting her teammates up.

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