Friday, October 18, 2013

5 Steps to Creating a College List

By Patosha Jeffery

During the spring, I held a recruiting seminar for my team. During the seminar and throughout the rest of our season, I preached to create your list of schools. As I continued to think about the task of creating a list of colleges that you are interested in attending, it really is not as easy as it sounds. Most kids, players, parents, coaches are only familiar with their local schools or teams that they hear about on TV, like ESPN.

I know there are a lot of schools and opportunities available. So, I was thinking. How can I make this process easy for people? I did some research and found a nice article and tools on the College Board website.

Here are the College Board’s 5 Tips to Creating a College List:

Click here to read the entire article at Girls Basketball Recruiting

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