Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Granny's Girls Basketball Camp: Over 4 Years of Charity

From August 2007 to February 2008 was very tough on me and my family. My grandmother hadn't been feeling very well for quite some time. She seemed to always be tired. She lost her appetite, which resulted in her losing weight. Then she developed a cough that would not go away.

She eventually went to the emergency room and they found a spot on her lung. Several tests later, we learned that my grandmother had stage 4 lung cancer.

She went through intensive radiation and chemo therapy.  I dropped everything I was doing relating to basketball and my life and moved in with my grandmother. It turned my family's world upside down.

My grandmother, Mattie Mae Woods, died on February 6, 2008 around midnight. My sister and I were in the hospital room with her. 

Life still is not the same without her. I either saw or spoke to my grandmother every day. I was lost without her for quite some time.

Eventually, I got back into my basketball activities and decided to start a camp, Granny's Girls Basketball Camp,  in her honor. This Saturday, November 17, will be the fifth year of the event.

The camp is free, however, participants are asked to bring two six-packs of ensure shake. The ensure will then be donated to the American Cancer Society in Memphis.

Thus far the camp has donated over, 1700 individual cans of ensure. If you would like to donate some ensure, please bring it to Ridgeway Baptist Church at 2500 Ridgeway Rd. on Saturday between the hours of 10am-12pm. More information about the camp can be found at http://www.girlsbasketballtrainer.com/grannyscamp.shtm

Below are pictures and video of participants in the camp and me delivering the ensure to the American Cancer Society.

Granny's Camp 2008 Preview

Delivery to American Cancer Society 2008

Delivery to American Cancer Society 2009

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