Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Southwind High School Play Day Report

Southwind High School held their 2nd Annual Play Day on Saturday. Participating schools included Southwind, St. Benedict, Harding Academy, Manassas, Covington and Germantown.

Players that stood out:

Probably one of the most underrated seniors in the city. Guard Phikala Anthony for Manassas played with so much talent last season probably contributed to me and others not noticing just how talented she is. She has one of the smoothest pull up jumpers. Its not rushed. A great stroke and she is pretty much automatic. She plays with much composure and patience. She is a strong young lady who makes crisp passes and can go both left and right.

I always enjoy watching Germantown senior point guard Brianna Mitchell play. She is such a hard nose player. You can tell that she is a confident player by the way she dribbles the ball: hard and with such authority. She can penetrate by defenders, strong enough to score while being fouled and has a spin move that she scores out of. A floor general at times commanding teammates to get in position and she never shies away from any defensive assignment.

Senior Kaylah Keys came into the play day after a making a state championship run in volleyball for Harding Academy. She looks to already be in "scoring" conditioning. She is a top scorer in the city and seems to never run out of gas. A quick player with the ball and without anticipating passes and getting steals. A righty but loves to attack left. The entire court is her shooting range with abilities to pull up quickly into a jump shot.

A freshman to keep an eye on is Taylor Barnes. She brings a lot of energy to the St. Benedict team. She is a fast guard with good anticipation skills. She can also score beyond the three point line. Add her to your 2016 watch list.

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