Thursday, September 20, 2012

Womens College Basketball Scholarship Offers Breakdown

The environment surrounding recruiting is continually influenced by many different entities, each having their own agenda. The NCAA has an impact through legislation, knee jerk reactions and vision…or sometimes a lack thereof. College coaches can alter the landscape through their methods, ethics and style. It’s difficult for athletes, their families and coaches to effect change as most pass through the process once and move on. However, there are situations where recruiting decisions on their end results in changing recruiting trends. Three separate conversations in the past week convinced me to set aside another topic I was writing on and address a theme that seemingly needs attention time and again. The topic du jour is “offers”.

Let’s get the simplest aspect out of the way first, that being the role that a scholarship offer plays in an athlete’s decision. It’s a given that, unless she’s planning on walking on, there has to be an offer on the table for a recruited prospect to choose a particular school. That part is obvious, but it’s not in the “decision” aspect of the process where offers are creating some unnecessary detours and speed bumps. It’s the role they play in the “recruiting” part of the process that leads prospects and programs alike to rush, alter and even compromise their approach.

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