Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012 Fall Exposure League Week 1 Recap

The 2012 Fall Exposure League kicked off on Saturday. The talent level in Memphis and the surrounding area is extremely good. This year's event offer a variety of talent and players representing public schools, private schools, home schooled, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama. It is a great event for young and old girls basketball fans to see.

Sweet Home Alabama
Camillia Carter
It says alot about a parent and player to travel over 3 hours to participate in a basketball event weekly. Camillia Carter, a senior shooting guard from Hueytown, AL, is on a mission to get her name out, display her talent and secure an athletic scholarship in basketball. She is a member of the Alabama Twisters summer program and academically has made an ACT score of 19. During her week 1 game, she showed her ability to be a very aggressive on the ball defender and a guard with 3 point shooting range.

Hard Knox Life
I was very impressed with Marisa Knox's (2014/Center Hill) performance on Saturday morning. There was just something different about her demeanor. She played with much energy and aggressiveness. She is definitely a pure point guard-always looking up the court to get the ball to an open teammate and looking to pass in the half court set. She doesn't look to score much but she likes the elbow shot and penetrates to the basket with intent.

Long and Tall
Certain body types just stick out on the court and Ineashia Claybrook (2014) and Amber Braxton (2014) has the body type. Both are extremely slim with extremely long arms. Ineashia Claybrook is from Gates, TN and plays the guard position for Halls High. Today she showed her energy, ability to slash and get to the basket for buckets. Amber Braxton at 6'0 has a very mild demeanor on and off the court. But don't let it fool you. On the court, she will score on the perimeter and in the paint.

Top Scorers
Game 1:
Maryland - Brynn Holden 19 points
Stanford - Breanna Cowans 8 points, Tori Doehring 8 points
Game 2:
UConn - Karnesha Trent 11 points
Duke - A'Queen Hayes 17 points
Game 3:
Baylor - Ineashia Claybrook 10 points
Notre Dame - Sydney Malone 14 points
Click here for complete list of Week 1 scorers

It's Showtime
After watching Week 1 games, It was decided that there was too much talent in the building to not record it. So from this point forward, the league games will be recorded. The recordings will be used for evaluation purposes. Also, a game of the week will be selected to watch on MemphisGirlsBasketball.com or GirlsBasketballExposure.com.

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