Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 St. Louis MLK Scores and Recap

Girl Powher Basketball Showcases
3rd Annual MLK Classic

3:30 PM Mhea (TN) 66 vs. North Tech (MO) 29
T. Lewis 19pts
5:15 PM Blue Springs (MO) 37 vs Career Academy (MO) 44
C. Middle Brooks 13, B. Farrar 11
7:00 PM Westbury Christian (TX) 51 vs. Potters House (FL) 80
T. Davis 23pts, A. Bannister 22pts

11:00PM Metro (MO) 45 vs. Butlerville (OH) 40
T. Miller 17 pts, C. Purdue 15 pts
12:45AM White Haven (TN) 50 vs. Quincy (IL) 28
M. McCoy 15 pts,
2:30PM Mhea (TN) 66 vs. Visitation (MO) 22
S. Lytle 11pts,
6:00 PM Cahokia (IL) 67 vs. Blue Springs (MO) 41
T. Snow 29 pts, Cooper 15pts
7:45 PM Potters House (FL) 38 vs. Memphis Central (TN) 68
H. Fuller 18 pts, A Whiteside 29pts

10:00AM Butlersville (OH) 44 vs. North Technical (MO) 49
C. Purdue 13 pts, C. Henderson 23 pts
11:45AM Incarnate Word (MO) 71 vs. Westbury Christian (TX) 40
C.Young/N. Bell 16 pts, T. Davis 18 pts
1:30 PM Career Academy (MO) 59 vs. Memphis Central (TN) 54
D. Dickerson 16 pts, A. Whiteside 17 pts
3:15 PM Whites Haven (TN) 21 vs. Rockbridge (MO) 70
B. Porter, 14
5:00 PM E St. Louis (IL) 43 vs. Howell Central (MO) 58
P. Elvert 18pts, S. Jones 28pts

MLK All Tournament Team

Aaliyah Whiteside, 5-11 Sr. Wing Memphis Central, (Georgia Tech)
Continued to show every one why she is still a top ranked player. She product a very productive and point filled Weekend totaling 45pts in a lopsided win against nationally ranked Potters House #17, and a close lost to Missouri State Top 5 team Clyde Miller Career Academy.

Tiffany Davis, 5-8 Sr. Guard Westbury Christian, (South Carolina)
A class act in all she did even when she was delivering blow after blow to try to keep Westbury Christian in games against nationally ranked Potters House and Incarnate Word. She showed off her ability to get to the basketball and shoot the ball against some of the nation’s top players.

Taylor Manuel, 6-3 Sr. Center Incarnate Word (Purdue)
All I can say is when she is not in foul trouble please consider her a “problem.” She passed, defends, steals, and plays the big girls game (made for the Big Ten). She showed her leadership thru communication and that keep her team together, even if she was cheering from the bench.

Torri Lewis, 5-11 Fr. Guard MHEA
What can you say when you have a kid with an amazing basketball IQ and the skills of a young Jason Williams? She made move during the game that let you know she would be one to deal with. The more competition she gets the stronger she becomes. She may be one of the best shooters in the whole event. Oh by the way she is only a freshman.

Braennan Farrar, 5-6 So. Pg Career Academy
If you haven’t seen this kid you need too. She has a certain level of poise to her game that make her suited to play at the prime time level. In both games she played vs. top ranked teams she never got rattled and demanded the ball in big shot situations. Base line to base line she is super fast and defends the ball too. Every time C. Miller needed a basket she either took the shot or provided the assist.

Nina Davis, 5-11 Jr. Guard/ Forward Memphis Central
Talk about your major standouts and you have to mention Davis. When she’s in the gym she has mastered the art of drawling attention from colleges, and double teams. She led her team in rebounding and was second in scoring to running mate whiteside only. She is made it clear that she is capable of coming out of the Robin position to be Batman.

2nd Team MLK
5-9 Sr. G Antoinette Bannister, Potters House Christian (North Carolina)
6-1 Sr. F Hillary Fuller, Potters House Christian (North Carolina)
5-8 Sr. G Sharese Jones, Howell Central
5-9 Sr. G Tyonna Snow, Blue Springs (Missouri State)
5-8 Jr. G Christian Purdue, Butlerville
5-9 Sr. G Aylvana Okde, Westbury Christian (Louisiana Lafayette)
6-0 Sr. Shanity James (Arkansas Little Rock)

3rd Team MLK
5-8 Sr. G Sharese Jones, Howell Central
5-8 Sr. G Karyla Middlebrooks, Blue Springs
5-8 Sr. G Chaumaroa Henderson, North Tech
5-11 Jr. F Tia Wooten, Memphis Central
6-1 Sr. F Jalen O’bannon, Memphis Central
5-10 So. F Zhanesha Dickerson, Clyde Miller
5-11 Jr. F Tykia Cooper, Cahokia

Future Star MLK
Denisha Swain, 2015 Potters House Christian, FL
Jasmine Gaines, 2017 Potter House Christian, FL
Nakia Bell, 2014 Incarnate Word
Marissa Knox, 2014 Memphis Central, TN
Tiani Walls, 2014 Career Academy, MO
Tayler Miller, 2014 Metro, MO
Bri Porter, 2014 Rockbridge, MO
Cierra Porter, 2015 Rockbridge, MO
Sarah Lytle, 2014 MHEA, TN
Emily Lytle, 2016 MHEA, TN
Alantis Sutton, 2014 North Tech, MO

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