Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 25 Girls Basketball Travel Teams Poll 2

The girls basketball National Insider Travel Team Poll #2 Post Evaluation Weekend Rankings was released on April 27, 2010.

The voters for the poll include:

Kenny Kallina (Florida - National Insider/Florida Insider)
John McGraw (All Games Sports East)
Apache Paschall (NYC Exodus)
Tom Insell (Tennessee Flight)
Xaver Walton (IL Excitement)
Percy Gordon (GA Pistols Elite)
Keil More (JumpOffplus.com & Peach State Basketball)
Anthony Toney (Sc 76ers Southern Premiere Basketball)
Al Coleman (Cy Fair Basketball Club)

Memphis Elite-Daniels received honorable mention.

Here is the Top 10:

1. Boo Williams (Nike - VA) 225 Points (9 First Place Votes)
2. Tennessee (Nike - TN) 216 Points
3. Philly Belles (Nike - PA) 205 Points
4. Sports City U (Blue Star - OH) 200 Points
5. West Coast Premiere (Nike - CA) 177 Points
6. DFW Elite T Jack (Nike - TX) 170 Points
7. Ring City (Nike - NJ) 166 Points
8. Missouri Valley Blazers (MTW - MO) 162 Points
9. Cy Fair (Nike - TX) 141 Points
10. Tree of Hope (MTW - WA) 129 Points

Click here for the complete Top 25 poll 2

Click here for the complete Top 25 pre evaluation period poll released early April

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