Friday, April 30, 2010

Memphis Girls Basketball Fundamental Friday: NAIA Opportunities

We all know about UCONN and TENNESSEE because that's all we hear about.

However, there are different divisions of college athletics and NAIA is one of them and they are giving out athletic scholarships too.

As a matter of fact, there is a school right up the road from Memphis that is a two time NAIA Division 1 National Women's Basketball champion - Union University.

The 112 NAIA Div. I schools can give out 11 scholarships each, and 148 NAIA Div. II schools can hand out six each.......

There are, of course, academic requirements, but they are not nearly as stringent as in the NCAA. To be eligible as a freshman, an incoming basketball player must meet two of the following three criteria:

1) A 2.0 grade-point average

2) An 18 on the ACT or an 860 on the SAT in critical reading and math

3) Graduation in the top half of the high school class.

Freshmen entering college this fall need only be admitted to an NAIA school and have that school certify that the student has met two of the three requirements, and she's eligible. Starting in the fall of 2011, however, there will be a slight change in the procedure.

Click here for the entire ESPN RISE article

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