Monday, November 2, 2009

Differences between Ranking Systems: HoopGurlz, All Star Girls Report, Blue Star

Have you ever wondered what the differences were between HoopGurlz, All Star Girls Report and Blue Star Report rankings?

According to HoopGurlz,

All-Star Girls Report is primarily the product of omni-present Bret McCormick with the backing of Michael T. White, who operates events and sponsors teams, now under the sponsorship of Fila. Blue Star Basketball is owned by Mike Flynn and sponsored by Nike, with lead scout and organizer Chris Mennig overseeing some 20 former college coaches and the company operating events around the country.

Those two are scouting services that produce data far beyond just rankings and sell their reports to assist college programs in scouting and evaluating recruits. On the other hand, ESPN HoopGurlz is a media organization that compiles rankings to offer context for the players we write about. All three entities employ those with coaching experience, travel the country to view prospects for women's college basketball and take our work seriously.

HoopGurlz provided a consensus top 50 prospects in 2010 by averaging the rankings of All-Star Girls Report, Blue Star Basketball and ESPN HoopGurlz.

Click here for the Top 50 list

Here is Blue Star's 2010 top 50 rankings

Here is All-Star Girls' 2010 top 100 ranking

Here is HoopGurlz 2010 Top 100 ranking

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