Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lauren Avant May Miss Senior Season

image from HoopGurlz.com

At 17, Lauren Avant hasn't been driving an extraordinarily long time, but she knows trouble when she sees it in her rear-view mirror. On March 25 trouble was coming in a Mercury Mountaineer -- and it was coming fast.

Waiting to make a turn near her school, Lausanne Collegiate in Memphis, Tenn., Avant had just enough time and instinct to glance over at her step-sister, Selena Pruitt. Avant noticed that the 10-year-old had slipped out of the shoulder strap of her seat belt and was leaning forward in her seat. With impact imminent, Avant thrust her right shoulder into Pruitt to brace her against the passenger door, while maintaining control of the steering wheel to avoid oncoming traffic.

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