Friday, August 28, 2015

2015 Fall Exposure League Tournament Kickoff Week Preview

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This Saturday, August 29, the 5th Annual Fall Exposure League will move into an 8 team tournament format! Last week, the players had an opportunity to use Exhibition Week to get acquainted with teammates, adjust to being back on the court and adjust to the league rules. Everyone's record has been reset to 0-0. Through the duration of the league, we will find out who will be crowned the 2015 Champions.

All games are at Ridgeway Baptist Church. Admission is $5.

9:15am –  Notre Dame vs Florida State

Ashtyn Baker

Notre Dame is a balanced squad of scorers, rebounders and distributors. They are an unselfish team that shares the ball with each other. Watch List: High Energy Ashtyn Baker did not disappoint in her debut. She is fast, fun to watch and a fan favorite.  Hustler and 3 point shooter Callie Stubbs has grown so much as a player. She has a knack for getting loose balls and long rebounds.

Florida State is an aggressive, athletic group. They play hard nose ball and will be looking for revenge after last week's lost.  Watch List: I have really enjoyed the growth of Mahogany Vaught. Off the court she is so low key and quiet and she tends to play that way. Since the summer, I have noticed an aggressive beast coming out of her and it is really elevating her game.

10:15am – Baylor vs Tennessee

Taylor Lattimore

Baylor is young and unfazed by upperclassmen. They will eat you up in transition if you aren't aware of their quickness. Watch List: Last week's leading scorer Taylor Lattimore came to play. I have been waiting on this level of performance from her since the school season. In transition, she can catch you off guard when she kicks in her quickness and elevation.

Lindsey Vaughn

Tennessee is young also and can probably match up with Baylor 's quickness. They also have a means to counter Baylor's quickness -- their aggressive post players. Watch List: What in the world did Lindsey Vaughn do this summer? She has returned to the league with one of the sweetest strokes. And everyone loves her 'Love and Basketball' pose after her shots!!!!

11:15am – UCONN vs Maryland

UCONN is probably the most entertaining team to watch. It is showtime when they are on the court.  Watch List: EVERYBODY!

Maryland has talent, size and length. They just could not get it going last week. But don't count them out. Watch List: Tamia Jones is a very unique player. She has the length, agility and athletic abilities to play the guard and post positions. She can block shots, get rebounds, and knock down short jumpers. Last week, I noticed a new skill to her game-- quick hands. If you are lazy with the ball, she is getting it.

12:15pm – South Carolina vs Dayton

Shadae' Hudson

South Carolina is probably the most composed team. I don't think anyone on their team shows any emotion on the court. They just play. Watch List:  Shadae' Hudson is a mysterious player to me. I haven't yet found a description for her game. She stacks stats but she does it in such a quiet fashion.

Dayton is the three point shooting squad.  When their shots start falling, watch out. Watch List: Forget the regular 3 point line. Kerrigan Braxton is pulling from the NBA line or the time line.

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