Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#MGBB Mix - Kaylan Pugh - St. Mary's/Ohio State Signee - 2015 - 43 Points Performance

I have to be honest. This young lady is one of the reasons I decided to start back doing highlights. When a player has been scoring a million points a game since hitting the high school scene (and as an 8th grader), you have to capture it.

You also have to love her personality while she's playing. She enjoys every moment she's on the court. Constantly laughing and high 5ing her teammates. She's even out there encouraging the younger players.

Kaylan is a huge guard and powerful scorer. She scores in a variety of way: Jump shots, And 1s, Layups, Rebound - Stick backs, Steals, Free Throws, Post up, Spin Move


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