Monday, November 3, 2014

Bartlett 3-Way Scrimmage Recap

Arlington and Munford squads traveled to Bartlett, TN to participate in a 3-way scrimmage on Saturday. All three teams have the personnel to break into the Dandy Dozen rankings this season.

Both Arlington and Munford spent time in the rankings last season. Munford is lead by a group of seniors including point guard Phenicia Howard and Christian Brothers committ, Lindsey Owen. Arlington has a niece development program going. Their bench provides just as much production as the starting 5.

It's been awhile since Bartlett has been in the conversation as a top team in this area. With the addition of Charity Savage and Jessica Jackson running the offense that will change real fast.

You would of thought it was February and the teams were fighting to keep their season alive. The scores were close. The parents were on the refs. The coaches were calling timeouts left and right making adjustments to get the victory.

Arlington squeaked by Munford in Game 1. Then Munford got the victory on Barlett in Game 2.


Garbrielle Crawford (Munford/2018) She has to be about 6'2ish. Athletic lefty post. Mature body frame. She is young and developing.

Nakia Grandberry (Arlington/2017) Reminds me of Center Hill's Kiara Golden. Athletic. Long arms. Tall guard. 5'8-5'9ish. Hit several jumpers in a row.

Double Trouble

Jessica Jackson (Barlett/2016) Floor general point guard. Sees the floor extremely well. 3 point shooter. Strong left and right handed ball handler.

Charity Savage (Bartlett/2016) 5'11 Guard/Forward. Quick athlete. Long arms. Constantly getting deflections. Rebounder. Quick off the floor. Plays inside-out on offense and defense. Quick to the basket. Slasher. Always gets to the line. Consistent free throw shooter. Can make left and right handed layups.

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