Tuesday, October 14, 2014

P-15 Workouts Introduction

I often talk about my failures as a college basketball player. However, I did have periods of success. During the Christmas break of my sophomore season, I started coming to practice a few minutes early to get extra shots in. Because of the extra time I was putting in, my confidence grew, my production increased and I earned a starting spot.

Since I don’t offer training sessions during basketball season, I wanted to find a way to contribute to players growth during this time. I came up with the P-15 Workout.

The P stands for Pre/Post Practice and the 15 represents 15 minutes. P-15 is an opportunity to get an extra 15 minutes of individual practice in before or after team practice. I will provide a P-15 workout every week. You decide if you want to do the workout everyday or come up with your own schedule.

You will be amazed at the growth of your game from doing something as simple as these P-15 workouts. Just like I was when I was in college. Your coach will notice a difference also.

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