Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 Top Performers of July Evaluation Period II

Coaches please email your players that's had a great July during the second half of evaluation period (Name, Grade, School, Eval/Skill Set) to Thanks.

Jayla Hemingway-Memphis Eagles 8th Grade Girls Team/Schilling Farms Middle School: Showed great skill on both ends of the floor to display the completeness of her game. With her amazing one on one skill set, she proved why she's the best middle school player in the state. Over the summer, she's grown by learning to play off the ball and she's extended her shooting range to the 3 point line. She's an excellent rebounder and ball handler for a big guard and will be a force this season and beyond.

Savannah Owens-Memphis Eagles 8th Grade Girls Team/Briarcrest High School: With great size and ability, she flourished over the summer. With the ability to play in the post, on the wing and at the point, she showed why her versatility is an asset to have. Plays with a tenacity and aggression that's unmatched on the court. Excellent offensive rebounder that gets tons of buckets on offensive boards alone. As she continues to grow her game, she will be a handful this season.

Destiny Shaw - Memphis Eagles 8th Grade Girls Team/Collierville High School: With tremendous size and strength, she proved to be a beast on the court. With a soft touch she showed the ability to step off the block and knock down the mid-range jump shot. Plays with a mean streak on the defensive end that forces opposing guards to think twice before coming in the paint. As she continues to work on footwork and post moves, she will continue to grow and be in the conversation for best post player in the city.

Lauren Taylor - Memphis Eagles 8th Grade Team/Collierville High School : A freakish athlete that combines size, strength and raw athleticism that makes her scary to opponents. With the ability to control the boards and get out on the break she can get double digits without having a play called for her. Very active on the boards and on defense and that makes her a coaches dream. As she polishes up her offensive repertoire, she will make herself unguardable.

Jada Taylor -Memphis Eagles 8th Grade Team/Collierville High School: With one of the prettiest jump shots in the city, she proved why you can't leave her open. With a fearless attitude, any space given to her will most times result in 3 points. She expanded her game over the summer to more ball handling and developing a mid-range game. As her focus shifts from scoring to defense, she will have a complete game and will not only be a drop dead scorer but also a lock down defender.

Alexis Taylor -Memphis Eagles 8th Grade Team/Collierville High School: A natural born leader who represents the model for what a point guard should be. Able to dominate the game without scoring a point as she so often did this summer by making sure her teammates got the ball. With a bit of tenacity she shows on the court, she's able to get to the bucket, shoot the floater or shoot the three point shot. She was a nightmare for teams that press with her handles and speed she was able to get through any press set up. A feisty defender who loves the challenge of guarding the best guard on the other team. Not many flaws in this point guards game and she will lead by example no matter the team or the opponent.

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