Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 Fall Exposure League Week 1 Recap I

First of all, I would like to give a shout out to the upper classmen players for embracing the younger players. It's not easy to come into an environment as a high school player and play with girls in middle school. On the other hand, some of the middle school players were ready for the challenge and ready to make a name for themselves. The future is mighty bright!

Next, I would like to  address the #1 question I get from my individual events.

In 5 years of hosting individual events, I have never brought in team coaches. I wanted to create an environment where the girls could just play ball.

  • The players don't have to worry about adjusting to a new coach, who may be a total stranger.
  • The players don't have to worry about certain players getting all the playing time because of favoritism.
  • The players don't have to worry about someone harassing them about playing for their team.
  • The players don't have to worry about someone restricting them from being creative and trying new things on the court.
All they have to do is relax, enjoy hanging with friends, meet new players, make new friends and enjoy playing basketball. 

With no coaches, there are rules. The players decide who start with the understanding that there will be 3 substitution periods. It is a beautiful thing to watch the players huddle up before their game communicating and getting to know each other in order to decide who will start the game. Teamwork is being created and leaders are rising to the occasion. The players are in a learning and growing environment and they don't even realize it.

Another question I received.


I am a resource that college coaches use to learn about talented players in the Memphis area. They contact me on a regular basis asking about players. Hundreds of college coaches follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and visit MemphisGirlsBasketball.com regularly. I attend area basketball games, tournaments, and host events to learn about the players in our area.

Just to give you one example of how exposure works with the league.

Exposure for a participant in my league does not begin and end with playing in one of the games. The exposure actually begins before the league even starts. By me placing the player's name, position, school and AAU/Travel team on the who's participating list and listing it on GirlsBasketballExposure.com and MemphisGirlsBasketball.com is exposure.

By me placing the rosters with the player's name, school and graduation year and listing it on GirlsBasketballExposure.com and MemphisGirlsBasketball.com is exposure.

Playing in the league also means having their scoring stats listed weekly on GirlsBasketballExposure.com and MemphisGirlsBasketball.com. I write weekly recaps about the games and players and list on GirlsBasketballExposure.com and MemphisGirlsBasketball.com.

Like I said that is one example of how exposure works. Another example is college coaches attending the league in person to evaluate the players.

 Exposure happens over a period of time. The younger the players start participating in my or any other exposure event the more opportunities they have to display their talents and growth as a player.

Check out the 2013 Fall Exposure League Week 1 Recap II.

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