Friday, September 2, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Tennessee Turkey Jamm goes International

The 3rd Annual Tennessee Turkey Jamm has just exploded.

1. The event has expanded from a 2 day event to a 3 day event.
2. The number of teams has increased from 16 to 23 prompting the event to change venues from Central High School to Lausanne Collegiate School's 2 court facility. The event has been moved back to Central High School
3. The event is now INTERNATIONAL. Tsinghua High Girls Basketball has just been added to the schedule. Yes. That is Tsinghua China. Unfortunately, It has been announced that Tsinghua will not be able to participate in the TN Turkey Jamm.

Updated Schedule as of October 24, 2011

November 25th

10:30 am Stone Mountain (GA) vs. St. Benedict (TN)
12:00 pm North Little Rock (AR) vs. Clyde C Miller (MO)
1:30 pm Jackson County (TN) vs. Hw. Byers (MS)
3:00 pm East Central (OK) vs. Hoover (AL)
4:30 pm Faith Baptist (FL) vs. Knoxville Webb (TN)
6:00 pm McEachern (GA) vs. Overton (TN)
7:30 pm Riverdale (TN) vs. Bolingbrook (IL)
9:00 pm Twinsburg (OH) vs. Memphis Central (TN)

November 26th
10:30 am Faith Baptist (FL) vs. MHEA
12:00 pm Hoover (AL) vs. Riverdale (TN)
1:30 pm Bolingbrook (IL) vs. Twinsburg (OH)
3:00 pm Knoxville Webb (TN) vs. Stone Mountain (GA)
4:30 pm Clyde C Miller (MO) vs. Jackson County (TN)
6:00 pm Overton (TN) vs. East Central (OK)
7:30 pm North Little Rock (AR) vs. Incarnate Word (Mo)
9:00 pm McEachern (GA) vs. Memphis Central (TN)

November 27th
11:00 am MHEA (TN) vs. Fairley (TN)
12:30 pm East Central (OK) vs. White Station (TN)
2:00 pm Manassas (TN) vs. Faith Baptist (FL)
3:30 pm Memphis Central (TN) vs. Incarnate Word (Mo)
5:00 pm Southwind (TN) vs. HW Byers (MS)

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