Monday, December 6, 2010

Connecticut's Maya Moore on Perfection

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Achieving perfection in basketball is difficult because there are so many pieces to the game that have to come together. You're one of 10 people on the court. You need to know what your four teammates are doing, and what the five on the other side are doing. It's extremely hard -- and that's why it's so great. I don't know if we've had a perfect game, but we've had a couple of halves that have been close.

There's a lot of expectations for us in terms of wins and losses, but there's a lot more that goes into how I would define a perfect game or season. For us, it's how you play. Perfect, to us, could be that I missed my first five shots in a game but I was a great defensive player.

Our coach says that striving for perfection is good, but you don't have to require it. You're going to make mistakes, and it's about how you respond and bounce back. In basketball, the beautiful thing is that you get a chance to bounce back really quickly. If you mess up on offense, you try to make something happen on defense. You use that fuel, that anger, to motivate you to make a stop.

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