Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trezevant Summer League Schedule Revised

schedule updated June 14, 2010 10:15pm

This is the latest updated version

Monday, June 14th
Cancelled due to Heat Index

Tuesday, June 15th
2:00 Manassas vs. Ridgeway (boys)
3:00 Hamilton vs. Trezevant (girls)
4:00 Whitehaven vs. East (girls)
5:00 Fairley vs. Manassas (girls)
6:00 Frayser vs. Manassas (boys)
7:00 Trezevant vs. East (Boys)
8:00 Ridgeway vs. Melrose (boys)

Wednesday, June 16th
2:00 Ridgeway vs. East (boys)
3:00 Whitehaven vs. Manassas (boys)
4:00 Mannassas vs. Horn Lake (girls)
5:00 Douglass vs. East (girls)
6:00 Trezevant vs. Manassas (girls)
7:00 Frayser vs. Melrose (boys)
8:00 Hamilton vs. Ridgeway (boys)

Thursday, June 17th
2:00 Ridgeway vs. Whitehaven (boys)
3:00 Whitehaven vs. Hamilton (girls)
4:00 Hamilton vs. East (boys)
5:00 Horn Lake vs. Fairley (girls))
6:00 Trezevant vs. Ridgeway (boys)
7:00 East vs. Fairley (girls)
8:00 Manassas vs. Frayser (boys)

We are less than a week away from the month of June which means players will be joining their school teams in team camps and summer leagues. For the second year, Trezevant High School will be hosting a league. This is a boys and girls league with the following teams participating:

Girls - Fairley, Whitehaven, Trezevant, Douglass, Hamilton, Manassas, Horn Lake, Ridgeway, Douglas, East

Boys - Whitehaven, Frayser, East, Manassas, Melrose, Trezevant, Ridgeway, Oakhaven, Kingsbury

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