Thursday, March 18, 2010

ESPN Hoopgurlz liked Danielle Ballard, Nina Davis at State

image from ESPN Hoopgurlz

Central's Danielle Ballard

Well, the TSSAA Girls Basketball State Tournament didn't go to well for Central and Overton. As you know both squads were knocked out in the semi-final.

However, ESPN Hoopgurlz, Mark Lewis, felt Central sophomore, Danielle Ballard, and freshman, Nina Davis', performance were amongst the top.

Danielle Ballard: One thing any recruiter or evaluator likes to see, especially in an elite prospect, is the continued improvement and maturation of that player's game and demeanor. Ballard is an extraordinary talent and certainly no secret but at the same time she's had moments where she's been her own worst enemy on the court. The 5-8 point guard evolved as a sophomore and established herself as one of the premier point guards nationwide in any class. Her command and control of the ball, her team and her emotions is starting to equate itself with the possibilities everyone has seen over the last two seasons. Her speed and strength give her the ability to create off the dribble in the face of any defender. Acceleration, penetration and elevation may sound like some poorly written hip hop lyrics but they define Ballard. Consistency from the perimeter is a must to keep opponents closing out on her. In two tournament games she averaged 15 points and a point guard impressive 14.5 rebounds. Turnovers are more of an issue than they need to be but very correctable if she continues to focus.

Nina Davis: It's hard to talk about the freshman class in Tennessee and not include the 5-9 combo guard from Memphis Central. Just like her sophomore teammate Danielle Ballard, it's been a season of progress and advancement in her game. She's constantly pushing the ball in transition and has the ability to play at speed and still make good choices most of the time. Physically she's beginning to fill out and the addition of size and strength to her frame can't be good news for opponents. Her attack and one on one skills get her into the paint and her floater is becoming more and more of a reliable weapon. The perimeter threat is still a work in progress but even at the line it's obvious she's working at it. Defensively she's aggressive and active on ball which puts her in a great position to dictate to ballhandlers. Her two game averages were 15.5 points per game on 55 percent from the floor and 7.5 rebounds.

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