Monday, September 7, 2009

Memphis Girls Basketball Inteview with Maurice Burton "Memphis is a Rising Power in Girls Basketball"

Memphis Select Lady Tigers' Maurice Burton recently posted an interesting article on his blog, . The title of the post is Summer 2009 Girls Basketball Observations.

Check out a piece of his post:

"First of all, and i think a lot of people will agree, that as a city we still havent compiled the best talent in one class on one team to go compete. I've been to millions of tournaments just watching teams play and its pretty obvious that Memphis is a rising power in girls basketball just off raw talent alone. I say this again if we ever come together in the summertime we will have enormous followings in the evaluation period and the high school season would be oozing with college coaches."

In the interview, Maurice discusses why he wrote the post, his opinion on having Memphis' best talent on one team, and gives a recommendation to Memphis' players.

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