Thursday, July 23, 2009

Karisma Tyson, Hasina Muhammad Standout in Battle of Borro

images from ESPN Hoopgurlz

Overton's Karisma Tyson

Ridgeway's Hasina Muhammad

The first segment of the NCAA summer evaluation concluded last Thursday with the sixth annual Battle in the 'Boro. At least 500 coaches from 300 different schools were on hand to check out all 175 teams. A lot of athletes caught our eye for the first time, while others demonstrated progress that was impressive and noteworthy.

Here are the evaluations written on Karisma Tyson and Hasina Muhammad from the tournament.

Another threat from the perimeter as well as on the drive is 5-11 Tennessee Glory guard Karisma Tyson. She's quick and has a long build that makes her a difficult matchup for smaller guards. Her aggressive mentality makes her all the more difficult to stop because she's always looking for defensive cracks. Most coaches would define her as a slasher, but you wouldn't want to back off defensively and give her any open looks without a hand in her face. She's good at attacking, keeping her dribble and then attacking once again. Her slight build will have to fill out at the next level, but it's hard to put a body on something you can't catch.

It's hard to imagine, but 6-0 Memphis Elite wing Hasina Muhammad may just be scratching the surface of what she can do on the basketball court. Deceptively quick for her size and almost defining the word wiry in terms of her build, she is constantly slashing and attacking with and without the ball. While her ability to drive is impressive, she cuts almost as effectively both on her own or off screens. Despite her lack of bulk, she isn't afraid to bang inside and finds her way to the line time and again. The perimeter shot has its moments, but will need to be a more constant threat to force her opponents to play her tighter and allow her to penetrate. Defensively, she has the footspeed and size to be a real headache to opposing backcourts. On top of that, she may be one of the few players who's taller than their listed height.

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