Friday, May 29, 2009

Mid-South HoopMasters Recap


This past weekend the 3rd Annual Mid-South HoopMasters took place at Memphis Catholic with some Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri and Mississippi Teams. The teams took the court for some great games. It narrowed down to the final four of Memphis Elite vs. The Lady Bobcats 601 and the Lady Bobcats Platinum matched up with the Memphis Glory.

When it came down to the Championship it was the Memphis Elite and Memphis Lady Bobcats. It was an exciting game and for once the adults put aside their differences and let the kids have fun and do what they do. When the day was done The Lady Bobcats was crowned Champions and the coaches from each team shook hands and the girls hugged and laughed with each other and took a unity picture showing the strength of talent that the countries top college coaches need to prepare for this Summer.

Memphis is a hot bed for talent. There might not be many post players that come out of the city, but guards and shooters are overwhelmed in the Bluff City. These are two teams that everyone could not think could get together and play some good basketball. After all these are the two teams that started playing exposure basketball after the Mid-South Lady Tigers had disbanded and the rest is history. The Lady Bobcats has over 20 young ladies to acquire college scholarships and the Memphis Elite has done a great job in accomplishing that same goal. The difference is one wear NIKE and one wear Adidas. They even wear the same color uniform.

The one thing that is important, they will keep our airport busy this high school season with college coaches coming to see each of their high school teams play because of what they saw in the past Summer. This is why you see coaches in the gym with Rod Echols, Eric Daniels, Andre Pruitt, and Fred Echols. Their Universities have built relationships with these top programs.

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