Monday, January 19, 2015

#MGBB Mix - Jayla Hemingway - Schilling Farms - 2019 - 5'10 - G

As a six grader, Jayla Hemingway reminded me of the first time I saw Ohio State's Kelsey Mitchell play as an 8th grader. I said to myself Jayla is a top 5 national player in her class. As far as Kelsey, she eventually went on to graduate ranked number 1 by Prospect Nation for the 2014 class.  

Jayla was not even a polished player in the 6th grade. But she had an unstoppable motor.  She simply played harder than everyone else.  She has probably played all positions at Schilling Farms. As an  8th grader, she is the quarterbacking point guard. Jayla commands double and triple teams and she still scores in the high 20s, 30s and has had a 40 point game this season. The most impressive thing I see and the scariest... Jayla keeps getting better. The sky is the limit for this young lady.

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