Friday, January 9, 2015

Maurice Burton's Prospect Watch: 2014 Collierville Dragon Fire Invitational Tournamet Part I

Class of 2015

Kimberly Reed 5’6 G Byhalia
Reed is one of those hidden jewels you often find in the North Mississippi area. Showed her ability to drive the basketball and finish at the rim as well as her range from the three point line. She also has some athleticism which makes up for what she lacks in height. I think JUCO programs should be of high interest so she can get more exposure and really learn to play the game.

Dahlia Bell 5’8 G/F Marion

This young lady really wowed me with her athletic ability and the intensity she played the game. She handles well enough to be a guard but she did not shoot the ball a lot so I really could not gage how well she does it. In her defense her athleticism makes getting to the rim easy and it allows her to guard more than one position. Definitely JUCO to get more exposure but could easily sneak in to division I on the low mid level right now.

Michaela Campbell 5’10 F Cordova 
Michaela is the true definition of the “stretch 4” position because of her athleticism and the ability to be a deep threat on offense. She rebounds and defends as well as anyone on the floor. I would love to see her attack the rim more and tighten up her handles. Any school on the low mid DI level and down who runs some 4 out 1 in offenses could definitely use her services.

K’Yanna Terry 6’3 C Cordova
The one thing she has going is that schools are always looking for post players. She is aggressive with her post move because she either got close attempt at the rim or drew a foul whenever she touched the ball it’s just at some points she did not finish. Focus should be on learning a few more post moves and counter moves and then conditioning.

Maia McCoy 5’9 G Whitehaven
The only chance I got to see Whitehaven was in the championship game and McCoy definitely showed up. She caught fire and was making the 3 point shot unconsciously. She is very athletic as to the fact she has verbally committed to the University of Tennessee to run track.

Amber Landing 6’3 F/C Madison Ridgeland
The University of Arkansas at Little Rock commit was very efficient in this tournament. She did not dominate like I thought she would but she was nonetheless effective. She blocked shots, got rebounds, and made the mid range jumper. She should add weight to her frame and become a more physical post player on the college level. Tatyana Lofton 5’8 G Madison Ridgeland She was this teams’ utility person. She got rebounds, put backs, attacked the rim, made 3 pointers, and set up her teammate, Landing, the whole tournament. I loved her intensity and how hard she played. Lofton could definitely be used in a low mid DI.

Jasmine Suggs 5’8 G Southwind 
I saw this young lady play a few times before this tournament and was never awe struck even though she was a solid player. She finally wowed me this tournament. She proved she can shoot the ball, she has good size for the guard position, and she plays strong and aggressively attacks the rim. I loved her game this tournament and again she shoots the ball well enough to play on the DI level. She is definitely a low mid major division I player.

Alexis Hamlet 5’11 G/F West Memphis
 Hamlet is one of the best players in the area and proved to be the best player at the tournament. The Arkansas State University commit showed again that she can finish at the rim on any defender, make the 3 point shot, even showed she has been working on her pull up jumper. She will do well in the Sunbelt Conference.

Brenda Fields 5’7 G Raleigh Egypt
Fields has the green light for the pharaohs. She gets buckets and especially in this tournament since their phenom junior, Manaya Jones was limited minutes because of injury. She scored all types of ways. JUCO and maybe low mid major and below should definitely take a look.

Class of 2016

Marneisha Hamer 6’1 F/C Kirby 
Hamer showed me her real unorthodox but effective post play. Really refining her face up post game would make her even more dominant on the inside. She goes hard and gets the job done. She scores in bunches close to the basket. I loved her communication and awareness for the game but needs to condition more had spells where she would disappear do to fatigue from playing a ton of minutes for Kirby.

Reagyn Branch 6’3 C Arlington 
Branch has a nice stroke for her size. She made a couple of 3pt baskets and scored numerous mid range shots during the tournament. That’s impressive for her size but to play on the next level she has to devote time and effort in scoring around the rim and let her shooting ability be a plus. Physicality and aggression needs to be taken to another level.

Torrie Sewell 5’11 G/F Arlington 
Sewell has the potential be a really good women’s basketball player. She can shoot the ball from any place behind the arc. She can attack and finish at the rim. At her size she should look in developing her post game as well to make her very marketable to the DI coaches. Sewell puts me in the mind set of Taylor Hall from the Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Kiante Butts 5’11 F Southwind 
Butts also known as KC, is another forward who can stretch the floor with her skill set and size. Without any doubt I can say she will be a division I player based on her play in the tourney. Would love to see her be more aggressive she kind of plays to the level of competition and that could hurt her in the long run.

Ebony Shaw 5’9 G/F Southwind
Shaw is one of the most intense and aggressive players at the Dragon Fire. I found out she is a former post converting to a guard so that explains a lot. She loves going through the defender to finish the shot. Got to the rim at will and finished. She still needs to fine tune her jump shot but other than that I enjoyed watching her play.

Amesha Hamlet 5’9 PF West Memphis
Amesha is the sister of Alexis Hamlet. She is the enforcer of the West Memphis team. Very hardnosed and did a little bit of everything for her team. She is still raw for a post player.

Glenda Garner 6’2 C Millington
Garner is another hidden talent coming to light at the Dragon Fire. She made aggressive post moves and did all the scoring for an inexperienced and young Millington team. Conditioning is a factor as it is for most players and the good thing is she has time to get better.

Manaya Jones 6’3 C Raleigh Egypt
Jones puts you in awe even with limited minutes. Gave Amber Landing all she could handle in the little time she played. Hook shots, drop steps, and strong finishes were displayed. Definitely when she comes back off injury will continue to prove why she is one of the best in the country doing it.

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