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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Division 2-A West Region Girls All-District, All-Tournament Teams

Here are the all-region teams for Division 2-A West girls, along with the all-tournament team.

District 1
Kaylan Pugh (St. Mary's, MVP)
Emily Lytle (ECS)
Sara Lytle (ECS)
Antoinette Lewis (Harding)
Morgan Murphy (Harding)
Kimberlee Keltner (Northpoint)
Ashtyn Baker (Northpoint)
Selena Pruitt (Lausanne)
Bionka Massie (FACS)
Gabrielle Moore (Cathoilc)

District 2
Rebekah Spears (USJ, MVP)
Olivia Roberts (St. George's)
Margy Westbrook (Fayette Academy)
Kayli Skelton (Fayette Academy)
Anna Jones (USJ)
Brianna Hunt (Sacred Heart)
Caroline Loftin (Rossville Christian)
Taylor Robertson (Rossville Christian)
Madeline East (St. George's)
Taylor Beasley (Tipton-Rosemark)

Honorable mention
Kate Jamison (ECS), Caroline Jamison (ECS), Avery Sippell (ECS), Anna Horner (Harding), Karlie Hughes (Northpoint), Reagan Patrick (Lausanne), Amber Hooker (Catholic), Suzy Dease (Catholic), Miller Cole (FACS), Shalanda Berkley (FACS), Ellen Cowens (St. Mary's), Haley Hall (USJ), Jessi Smith (USJ), Amber Johnson (Fayette Academy), Shelby Sims (St. George's), Bethany Berger (Tipton-Rosemark), Alaina Graham (Sacred Heart), Kara Novarese (Rossville Christian)

All-tournament team
Ashtyn Baker (Northpoint, Most Outstanding Player)
Karlie Hughes (Northpoint)
Kimberlee Keltner (Northpoint)
Kaylan Pugh (St. Mary's)
Sara Lytle (ECS)
Antoinette Lewis (Harding)
Anna Horner (Harding)

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