Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Journey to Memphis' Next Top Baller Episode 17

We finished up the last training session for August on Monday.

Monday's development session felt special to me. It was special because the training went from being about basketball to being beyond basketball.

There were 15 young ladies in the gym ranging from my 6 year old niece to 10th graders. The players were having fun competing, they were assisting each other during the drills, and they were encouraging each other.

Speaking of my 6 year old niece...Before each training session begins, I have the young ladies introduce themselves to the group of players. It's an opportunity for the players to learn each others name but also an early introduction to public speaking. My niece always hides behind me during this time. Well on yesterday, she was the first one ready to introduce herself. I'm so proud of her!

In the video, you will see a drill I used to work on speed, defensive slide and back pedaling. This drill got pretty competitive on Monday because the players were racing against each other. The last drill in the video is call line jumps. It helps the plays develop feet quickness. Check it out!

My trainings will be held on Mondays in September. If you have plans to try out for the school team this year or have an interest in working on development or your game for the upcoming season, learn more about my skill development sessions at

Also don't forget that the Memphis Girls Basketball Fall Fest will kick off on September 7 with the Fall Exposure League

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