Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Journey to Memphis' Next Top Baller Episode 13

Finally Episode 13 is here!

If you have been following the episodes closely, you would know that my girls basketball training sessions have definitely evolved.  During the early sessions, the players learned basketball and developed their skills. However, the sessions were not exactly were I wanted them to be.

I have transformed my sessions from slow-paced and static to FUN! FAST-PACED! FUNDAMENTALS!

FUN! The fun starts before the players even get to the gym. I get so excited when I'm creating the workout. It energizes me to be able to use my creativity to teach young ladies about basketball. They never know what to expect. It also brings excitement to my eyes to watch the young ladies developing friendships as they partner up with each other and work in groups during certain drills.

FAST-PACED! Basketball is a fast-paced game. Players are always moving and reacting to situations. So I decided to start training that way. Don't get fast-paced confused with advanced and overwhelming. Fast-paced means the players are always involved and engaged during the workout. We do a lot within the time frame of the training session. Because we are constantly rotating from one drill to the next, the players barely realize how much they have actually done and learned.

FUNDAMENTALS! I know people may get confused when they look at my training sessions description and see it is for beginners to experienced players. What confuses me---watching a 7 year old confidently dribbling 2 basketballs at the same time and having the ability to make left and right-handed layups. Then watching a 16 year old, who has been playing basketball for years, not be able to do what the 7 year old can do. That's why my session descriptions are the way they are. Basketball is basketball and fundamentals are fundamentals no matter how old the player is.

THE FUTURE! Over the upcoming months, my basketball training sessions will be expanding. As more players continue to develop and master the BASIC SKILLS LEVEL (I will write more about the levels of basketball development in the future) through my trainings, I will begin offering more advanced trainings.

Below is a video of an advanced drill Team Po Po players went through at the end of a skill development session. The players are working on speed dribbling towards the chair, into the retreat dribble, then advancing forwarding into the in-out move then a layup. They will perform this drill using they left hand and right hand.

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