Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 Music City Madness Recap and Po Po Fantasy Team

Last week, I had the time of my life following the 7 Memphis teams that participated in the Music City Madness tournament. The Memphis teams that played in the tournament were Memphis Bobcats Select , Memphis Bobcats Platinum, Memphis Elite-Holmes, Memphis Dream 2017 & 2018, Team All In, and Tri-State Elite. Memphis Dream 2017 and Tri-State Elite made it to the final four of their brackets.

All I can say is we have talent in Memphis and a great group of young talent coming up. I can't wait for the Fall Exposure League and basketball season to kick off so I can add more players to my Fantasy Team.

Music City Madness Po Po Fantasy Team

Derrica Wiggins (Tri-State Elite/Oakhaven/2014)- guard, prolific scorer and play maker, quick, can rely on 3 too much at times, anticipator on defense

Olivia Cunningham & AQueen Hayes (Memphis Elite-Holmes/Southaven/2014)- I hate I did not create a highlight video of these two years ago. You really can not write about one without writing about the other. Always alert on defense, on the ball defenders, anticipators, acrobatic, creative finishers at the basket, a ball of energy, plays hard the entire game, three point range, smart and composed guards

Amber Braxton (Memphis Bobcats Platinum/Houston/2014)- 5'10 guard/post, long and lanky body frame, long arms, can play inside or out, nice shooting stroke, can handle the ball

Cheridan Burroughs (Memphis Bobcats Platinum/Houston/2014)- 6'0 post, knows how to open up wide on the post and ask for the ball, she has a skill set that I have never seen a Memphis post player have before-the ability to direct the person with the ball to who can get her the ball at a better angle, runs the floor well

Jessica Brown (Memphis Bobcats Platinum/Collierville/2014) 6'1 nice size post player, mature body frame, nice back to the basket turn around jumper

Kaylan Pugh (TN Flight Silver Soph/St Mary's/2015) aggressive guard on offense and defense, she  reminds me of LeBron James with her ability to bulldoz her way into the paint to score, mature body frame, quick anticipator, acrobatic, creative finisher at the basket

Maia McCoy (Team All In/Whitehaven/2015) freakish athletic guard, long,  anticipator, three point shooter, quick off the floor for deflections, can finish at the basket left or right

Emanye Robertson (Team All In/White Station/2015) continues to impress me, has taken her game up a notch, athletic ball handler, has a motor on defense and offense, her game is finishing at the basket

Onesha Hunt (Team All In/ North Panola/2015) Post, mature body frame, board crasher, has short jumper range, has to learn to finish consistently and play under control

Tamia Jones (Memphis Dream/Lausanne/2017)- post, need to improve outside shooting, long body frame, long arms, shot blocker, athletic, has some ball handling skills

Tesia Thompson (Memphis Dream/Hamilton/2017) - long guard, loves to penetrate, aggressive penetrator left and right, has 3 point range, nice body frame

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