Thursday, November 3, 2016

PassTheBall: Power5BBall Last Chance Day 1 Highlights

from PassThaBall site

Talent definitely flocked to Nashville, TN for the Power5BBall Showcase headed by Coach Cliff Coleman. The event was covered by several evaluators and media groups including Dan Olson ESPNW, Brett McCormick ASGR, Patosha Jeffery of Memphis Girls Basketball, Harry Elifson of P.A.S.S, and Major Prep Sports. Some standouts from Day 1 include:

Acacia Hayes 2022 TN

Blaize Deere 2021 TN

Taylor Woodhouse (Olive Branch) 2021 MS

Paris Miller 2022 GA

Janiya Jones (Desoto Central) 2022 MS

De’Mauri Flournoy 2021 GA

Jaloni Cambridge 2024 TN

Leah Jones (Northpoint)  2021 TN

Destiny Todd (Schilling Farms) 2021 TN

Kennedy Cambridge 2022 TN

Raven Johnson 2021 GA

Amelia Osgood 2021 TN

Alex Eldridge 2019 TN

Caitlin Anderson  2019 MO

Caitlyn Wilson (Arlington) 2019 TN

Sydney Blankenship 2019 TN

Caleah Shannon 2017 TN

Julia Duncan 2020 TN

Kennedy Freeman 2019 GA

Aislynn Hayes 2019 TN

Allie Hopkins 2019 TN

Jada Guinn 2019 TN

Courtney Whitson 2019 TN

Brinae Alexander 2018 TN

Tonysha Curry 2017 KY

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