Monday, January 13, 2014

Four to Watch: Jayla Hemingway, Lanetta Williams, Johne Stewart, Destiny Shaw

After watching some talented middle school players over the summer and in my Fall Exposure League, I decided I needed to get out to more middle school games. That's exactly what I did. 

Here are four players to keep an eye on:

Jayla Hemingway (Schilling Farms/Guard/2019) Mature all around player. She always plays on a high level and aggressively. She can pass with both her left and right hand. She can make left and right handed layups. Her jump shot has improved. She is a scorer and becoming more of a distributor. She loves to penetrate to the basket.

Janette Williams (Cordova/ 6'3 Post/2019) Long, Lefty player. Plays with passion.. She can get up the floor extremely fast in transition. She is developing her back to basketball skill set. Can handle the basketball. Nice short range jumper. Rebounder. Shot Blocker.

Johne Stewart (Snowden/Point Guard/2018) Showtime, ankle breaking player.  She plays with a lot of confidence. She is fast and aggressive with the ball. She loves to penetrate to the basket for a floater. She is an active on-the-ball defender.

Destiny Shaw (Collierville/Post/2018) Aggressive beast mode player. Scores on the block with back to basket and facing up. Rebounder. Shot blocker. Has a mature body frame.

Watch List from MAM Christmas Tournament Elite Eight

Schilling Farms 
Jayla Hemingway 7th/Guard
Lauren Taylor 8th/Guard
Kelsey Trice 8th/Forward

Lanetta Williams 7th/Forward
Lanyce Williams 7th/Forward
Destiny Wells 6th/Point Guard
Madison Griggs 7th/Guard

Kylie Loadhart 8th/Guard
Ciara Taylor 5th/Guard
Lindsey Vaughn 8th/Guard
Ashley Carson 8th/Guard
Julia Nicholson 8th/Forward

Johne Stewart 8th/Guard
Brianna Cooks 7th/Guard
Jireh Washington 8th/Guard
Jasmine Carson 8th/Guard
Kynadi Kuykendoll 7th/Guard

Brittni Moore 8th/Guard

Destiny Shaw 8th/Forward
Alexis Taylor 8th/Guard
Jada Taylor 8th/Guard
Mareka Owens 7th/Guard

Mt. Pisgah
Trinity Farmer 8th/Guard
Caitlyn Wilson 7th/Guard
Jerkisha Mays 7th/Guard
Qelsi Kelly 8th/Forward
Karlynn Woods 8th/Forward

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