Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Myah Taylor, Jasmine Carson, Lanetta Williams, Tesia Thompson standout at 2016 Capitol Cool Classic

Here's what BallNPrepGirls.com had to say about Myah Taylor, Jasmine Carson, Lanetta Williams, Tesia Thompson:

Myah Taylor (Olive Branch, 2017) PG Myah is a speedy point guard who looks to set her teammates up before she looks for her own shots. Her ball handling, quickness, and court vision make it easy for her to blow by defenders and find open teammates. She can also score when she needs to. She can do this by either knocking down jumpers or getting to the rack and finishing at the rim. On the defensive end she plays suffocating defense which makes it tough for opponents to run their offense.

Jasmine Carson (Central, 2018) SG Jasmine is a knockdown spot up shooter, who can also get to the rim when she is overplayed. She does a good job at finding open spots on the floor where her teammates can get it to her for open looks. On the defensive end she constantly pressures opponents with tough on ball defense. She is also good, at playing the passing lanes, which leads to a lot of steals for her teams.

Lanetta Williams (Arlington, 2019) PF/C Lanetta is a very athletic forward who can handle the ball on the perimeter, as well as score from outside. She has good ball handling skills, which allows her to beat defenders off the dribble and get to the basket. She uses her athleticism to sprint the floor well which leads to a lot of layups. She also has a very strong post game, with a variety of moves to beat defenders on the block. She contests or blocks a lot of her opponents’ shots, and she is very aggressive attacking the boards.

Tesia Thompson (Hamilton, 2017) PG/SG Tesia is a suffocating defender, who can finish in transition after she has forced a turnover. She has a quick first step which allows her to beat her defender, and finish at the cup with either hand. She uses her ball handling to create space and knock down jumpers over her defenders. She knocks down set shots with consistency, as well as her free throws when she gets to the line.

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