Thursday, May 29, 2014

8 Ways to Take Advantage of the Month of June

Recently, I read a great blog post about Off-Season Improvements for Coaches. It’s a great read for coaches at all levels. The article offers 7 Career Enhancing Thoughts Heading into Summer. I thought this article was not only great for coaches but anyone that could use some career advice. Then my focus immediately turned to current girls basketball players. School has ended in Memphis and June is less than a week away. What advice could I provide them on how to take advantage of this time frame?

Basketball has evolved into a year round sport where players are playing on their school teams during basketball season. Then as soon as basketball season comes to an end, AAU and travel team coaches are ready to whisk their players away on the road for tournaments. Players are involved in so many games throughout the year, when is there time to actually work on their game. June is an excellent month. Especially since there’s no more school or homework to focus on (unless you are in summer school).

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