Monday, November 11, 2013

Journey to Memphis' Next Top Baller Episode 19

A year ago, my 11 year old niece was disappointed because the basketball coach would not let her go out for the team.. I decided to work with her so she would have the opportunity to go out for the team this year. We went to the gym weekly from February - October....

Last week, she experienced her first few days of basketball practice with her team. It has not been easy for her. Each day she told me how hard it was. I even received a phone call from her at 7am one morning still talking about how hard it was and all the running.

On Thursday evening, she complained some more but then she ended with this. "Auntie, it's hard and a lot of work.. But I like basketball and I'm not gonna quit". #greatattitude

It's not always easy doing something new and different. I'm proud of my niece for not quitting when last year's coach did not give her a chance. I'm proud of her now for not quitting because it's not easy. 

Below is video of our very first day at the gym:

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